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    Anyone like to read?

    I like to read. I can't walk into a book store and not buy something. My favorite are fantasy novels. The wheel of time books are my favorite series. Also liked game of thrones and chronicles of amber books. I'm currently reading harry potter for the first time and I love it! Don't know why I'm so late to the party. Haha.

    So what do yall like to read? Favorite books? Favorite genres? Favorite authors?

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    yes I love to read too. but yeah favorite books are the bible, dragon rider, the left behind series, and a few others. my favorite genres include fantasy, comedy, drama, romance, and Christian. and my favorite authors are.... IDK, I mean I normaly just read the book, I mormaly don't pay attention to authors and such
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    I love to read! Being married to someone who loves to read is a plus, too. We have four full bookcases and the bottom part of the living room table is covered in books.

    I read manga in various genre and my fav authors are Katsura Hoshino (D.Gray-Man) and Shirow Miwa (Dogs). The only comic I read constantly is Sonic the Hedgehog. The art is gorgeous.

    Other authors I like are Haruki Murakami, who does a bit of variety and Kresley Cole, who does supernatural romance. I also read various books on Wicca and other pagan topics and history books on ancient Egypt.

    I also have a good bit of crochet and art books. Whew, I think that covered everything! =3

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    I enjoy reading every now and then, mostly I read comic books of series that I really enjoy which are Mass Effect and Halo. I tend to read comics as I love looking at the art. I'm a fan of art books also but don't have much reading involved haha.

    I recently finished my first Mass Effect Novel which was Retribution. I really enjoyed it thought the story was good and was very well written. Looking foreword to reading the others.

    I don't read to much and what I do read it's a very specific range.

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    Terry Pratchett (RIP) for Fiction and Bill Bryson for entertaining non-fiction. Really though, look up Bill Bryson and probably his most popular book, 'A Walk in the Woods'.
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    I too am a bookworm. I like to read sci-fi and fantasy mostly, and also history non-fiction. I liked the Chronicles of Amber series but I dropped it somewhere in the middle years ago, don't remember where, so I'm starting all over again at the beginning. It's still fun. George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series is one of my faves too. I wish the series was done already so I wouldn't have to wait for the next book to come out, lol.

    I like the Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files, most Stephen King novels, and Isaac Asimov's series.

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    I lately have been reading a book titled "The Physics of Star Trek" (2007 revised edition) and have found it very enjoyable to see just how much is plausible and what isn't, and of course the why and likely how of nearly everything in the Star Trek Universe. Though now that I know there's a whole series of books on the topic I likely will have a nice "little" reading list to look forward to when I'm in the mood for a nice book. Mixing imagination with reality is something that I tend to enjoy greatly and seeing how the stuff of science-fiction is on its way to becoming science fact is always a treat to learn about. I'm currently about midway through the book because I tend to only read a bit a night to relax so it takes me a short while to go through a book.

    I suppose for purely fictional works that I've recently read I could add "Starship Troopers" to the discussion. The book reminded me a lot of the X-COM game series except on a little bit of a larger scale. I definitely enjoyed Starship Troopers throughout the entirety of the book though not quite how I originally expected that I would.

    Also, is it just me or does anyone else much prefer a paper book over an electronic one? I find that I can't quite get into a book as much with a screen as compared to holding the paper version, plus the added benefit of not having to stare at a screen does help my eyes a bit especially after spending too long staring at screens already in a day.

    I'm interested to hear what others have to say if this thread ever gets active.

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    I enjoy reading quite a bit. I like to read both English and German stuff. I can read German far better than speak it though.
    Die Märchen Der Brüder Grimm is a good book. The Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales, basically. I like the German versions because the villains get exquisite, fitting, justified punishments that are cleanly omitted in the English versions because there are wienies that think it will make our children evil to hear it.
    As of late I have embarked on a goal of trying to put together a history of a coin called a "Thaler" which is a family of silver coins minted in Germany from 1486 - 1870's and from whence we get a dollar. Most of the source material is buried in books, ledgers and other records from various economic source materials and town manuscripts in medieval Germany and takes a little bit of squinting at it to make it translate quite right.
    For Non fiction I need to set about reading Ken Follet's book The Pillars of the Earth.
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    I spend most of the tiny bit of free time I have reading; mostly fantasy and science fiction. Wheel of Time was a great series (especially after Sanderson picked it up, in my opinion).

    If you're looking for something a little different, I'd really recommend the Temeraire series. Just imagine the Napoleonic wars, but with an air force of sentient (and wonderfully characterized) dragons.

    I'd also agree with the above posters on a number of things; A Song of Ice and Fire is a must-read, everything Terry Pratchett has ever written is great (Reaper Man is probably my favourite novel of his). Good Omens is also wonderful.

    My mate got me a bunch of Neil Gaiman works recently; I made my way through American Gods and it was fantastic. Not high fantasy, but definitely an entertaining read. She's been reading the Sandman graphic novels, and I've got Stardust on my shelf for later!

    As far as sci-fi, I read Hyperion recently and it was awesome! Finally got around to reading Dune too (I know, I know, super late to the party). I'd say Dune has earned all of the praise it has gotten over the years. Also, Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey is fantastic; I really look forward to the next novel.

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    I've been reading the Warriors books by Erin Hunter since I've been in middle school and I want to finish up the Omen of the Stars series before I graduate this year. In my opinion, the writing is rather plain but it's more about the plot for me; it touches on some mature topics in a way that won't traumatize children reading it.

    I want to start reading the Harry Potter books, the movies I've seen are pretty nice but the movies are always different from the books.
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