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    Notes (various things)

    Until you get a message in the inbox, it seems there's no way to actually compose a message other than going to someone's profile and clicking Message. I ended up doing that and changing the recipient to myself. Once I sent myself one I could then see the inbox/outbox/compose controls.

    It also seems that the "Notes" link doesn't do anything from the Compose section. Works as expected when checking a note.

    I assume "Back" and "Next" are for navigation once there's lots of messages, but until then they seem to send me back to the front page (after a long delay).

    Can't see any way to delete a message either.

    And trying to send a message to an invalid/misspelled user just brings up a blank white page with "recipient Invalid".

    I think that's about it for now.

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    Yeah. I would definitely like a way to delete my notes. The message just sitting there in my inbox is driving me slightly batty. I like my inbox to be clean. Can't if there's a message still there.

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    We have made an update to our private messaging system that should leave all these issues addressed. Thank you for reporting!



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