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    Hello there!

    My name is marbledaydreams!

    I'm a furry artist and creator and was rather interested in Weasyl since it seems a lot of people made the jump from FA. I'm new to the community and think I might linger in the forums a little while before I build up a gallery in the main site...I hope I can make some more friends around the forums and branch out a little. I'm kind of reserved and ALWAYS busy though, so please understand I don't always get to answering people.

    Anywho, hi there! My name across the internet is either marbledaydreams or cindyjeans. I go most by CJ. I dabble in anime and video games, but mostly I just draw most of the day away! When I'm not drawing I work in a deli in a grocery store (yuck, please save me!) for the most part I am just struggling to get things done and turn out something new and fun!

    My fursona is a marbled polecat, though I haven't quite settled on a design just yet... I love purple hues and have a cute purple polecat mascot named Inkee.

    Aside from that I make a lot of pastel pups and silly monster things. I really want to make some cool physical things with my art, plushies and coloring books being my two big pulls right now! I hope you all like what I can bring to the table and I hope I don't disappoint!
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