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    1) Is there suppose to be an area to select commission slots? I don't see it anywhere, yet on the profile page it lists slots.

    2) When adding information to contact and social media it does not show up on the profile. Unless I am blind. :x

    3) Groups page has a div with "[]" in it.

    4) Text appears to display differently in firefox compared to IE and Chrome. Which is probably just firefox being firefox. It looks like it has a heavier weight to it. Which again, could just be firefox. Firefox always gives me issues when it comes to type.

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    2 and 3 are known and being worked on. Number 1 is a good point, Number 4 I'll direct to Aden. o/

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    Turns out Aden knew about all of these. XD Could delete this post if you wish.

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    Closing out old support threads. Even though you know I know, I'll post my responses here anyway:

    1. Coders are working on an improved slot management system
    2. Aware of this; feature is being delayed for a bit. In the meantime, we're going to take those fields out so people don't get confused
    3. Groups have been removed from the public-facing site until the coders get them up and running in full capacity
    4. Yeah, Firefox is weird like that. It actually uses its own font rendering algorithm (read: it doesn't use the OS's font rendering) which has some quirks and different biases



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