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    Learning on Paint Tool Sai

    I only started getting more into digital artwork just this year, and to be honest, it's rather hard for me. I try my best with it, but I feel I need more help. I'm not sure which brushes to use for what, what will make the best lines, and so on.

    Here's some of my work:

    Any tips, tricks, constructive criticism, or critiques would be appreciated! I'd also love to get some custom brushes!
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    Thank you @Noxid! Yes, I do have a tablet! I just purchased a Surface Book which is supposed to have pressure sensitivity! So far I haven't noticed it working in Sai, but I'll see if I need to tweak some settings! I'll also remember those shortcuts for the future! All this digital art is still so new to me, and I hope to improve overtime!



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