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    Space Paws, the VIDEO GAME

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    Ouch, sorry for the double post, but I'd really like to know if people want to have a high quality furry video game available someday or it's not interesting at all. I don't know if I'm losing my time with this or how to make it visible. Any advice?

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    uhhh, I dunno...
    Well, strictly from the perspective of whether it'd be worth your time, you could look to see if there have been successful projects like this in the past. An adult video game doesn't really appeal to me personally, furry or not. But I know they definitely exist.
    I think one of the challenges here would be that furry smut is a fairly oversaturated market? And unless you have something to make it stand out (niche fetish content, """"""popufur"""""" brand power, or really REALLY good writing/art/gameplay(?)) then it'll be hard to compete against the ocean of essentially free porn you can access from one of many art sharing/archiving websites.

    take this opinion with a spoonful of salt because it's not my ballgame (pun???), but this is something I would consider myself before taking on such a project.

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    Apologies for asking something tht doesn't exactly go along with the thread but I am truly smitten with the queen in your game, after playing the demo, who is simply angelic in appearance and a wonderful companion. I was hoping perhaps you would allow me to create a version of her on Second Life for my mate who loves her as well if it would help I would more than gladly donate to your pateron account as I love your game demo and can not wait to see the finished product but if you simply deny me permission I will completely honor your decision without another word on the matter thank you.

    -GamerWolf (Z'dasia Windrider)
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