I have a ton of old characters available for trade or offer. Most of them are anthros but there are some ferals mixed in as well.

You will find all the characters available here: http://sta.sh/21s0152cuxl7

I also have most of them posted on my Toyhou.se account so if you have an account there I can transfer it, if not that's fine (I can still transfer it to an off-site user anyway, and if not I can just delete the character off or something).

What I am looking for:
  • Cartoony anthro characters mainly, or possibly anything that's animal-looking enough (SFW ONLY!)
  • Artwork of my characters (SFW ONLY!)
  • DA points

What I am NOT looking for:
  • Fan characters (unless they are anthro and I am allowed to make them original characters instead)
  • Human characters or anything with a human face
  • Closed species
  • Artwork made with bases
  • Money (only because I don't have a Paypal at this point)