The Little One stopped her careful gnawing on a bony ankle, looked up with one ear forwards, the other, cocked back, and then rolled her eyes...
"I's a alls'ready tellers you! I's a HONALEE!"
"Ah, my apologies, I didn't quite understand your speech at first." It was a rather halfhearted apology, as Rez was slightly annoyed by Honalee's lack of respect, and started to shake her off of him. However...

"You's a funny boner mans......."
At this, Rez coughed and smoke seeped through every hole in his skull. His glowing green eyes were shut tight as he wheezed an inaudible laugh until he eventually found his breath and cackled. He rasped in a dead language, an incantation, and his coughing ceased. The incantation sounded unsettling, even more so after Rez's (possibly) unexpected laughing fit. He continued in the common language, "My, oh my, aren't our minds in the gutter~?"
He was swaying a little; the effect of whatever is in the pipe?

... "Boner mans!" Hrrr! Hrrrrrrrk! No, he couldn't help laughing. Couldn't help rolling around in the grass, overcome by mirth, till he found himself, clawed hands on belly, splayed out on his back... chuckling.

... "Sorry... kits say the darndest things. One reason parenthood is to die for....... oh, and we're Nism."
"I would've suggested to have your child show a bit more respect, but I see where she gets it from."
Rez didn't quite mean this offensively, his tone and eyes, along with a shrug, gave off more of a "Yes you got me, that was a good one."

"Arrrhem...Hello, all. I'm Surjia Domae Ramar. Looking for the Rootwater Inn. Can any of you help me find it?"
"Ah, I rarely go to the nearby town," Rez looked a little off to the side and pulled at his hood a little, "for obvious reasons~."