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Thread: Free Requests

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    Free Requests

    To get more practice, I'll give away a few drawings. You get to choose a character, but medium and level of complexity are up to me. Also, no foxes.

    My Weasyl page is... apparently something I'm not allowed to post yet. I'm still setting it up, anyway. Anyway, my old FA page (under the same name, lhexa) has some examples of past free art I've given away.

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    Hey, Lhexa! First off, welcome to Weasyl! Second off, I'll provide a link to your FA gallery below for more visibility.

    As for my own request, I have an androgynous anthro snake character whose gender is left a mystery. Vivian is the name, and they're a bit on the chubby side. Their most important feature is that their thick, snaky tail is slightly longer than the legs, so it'll drag on the floor a bit. If you want them to wear clothes, some simple jeans and a tucked-in polo shirt would compliment their round frame pretty well.

    I'm really grateful for your work, and I hope you can get to selling that stuff sometime soon!

    Come check out Lhexa's art! (especially that crotchety, old banana; it's hilarious!)
    I'm ready for roleplaying anytime! Just send me a PM in the main Weasyl site!

    My profile pic was brought to me by Pandactyle on Weasyl!

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    Thank you! And I will happily draw your character.

    Let's see if I can post my Weasyl page now:

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    I'm interested! ^^ If you're okay with humans, can you draw my Dead Frontier oc, Pukey?

    I'm not picky with how you draw him. If it helps you think of anything, he's really shy but he's fun when he opens up to new people. His clothes aren't that important, he likes anything baggy and will wear tight clothes if he's dressing nicely.
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    No problem! I'm headed to a convention this weekend, though, so I won't get started until next week.

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    Sure, I'll draw yours too. There are four people ahead of you in line, though, so expect a long delay.

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    To let you guys know, I still plan to do the next two (but not more), but life is hectic. I went to my first-ever conference a few weeks ago, and now I'm preparing for my first-ever _international_ conference. And on top of that, I also offered free art to my friends, who kinda get priority. Please be patient!

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