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    podcast probably going down tomorrow

    And I'm not uploading the first episode here, because considering the subject matter, I'm not giving certain people any more excuses to try to politic me out of various chats and forums and probably entire sites, though the most they managed to do there was get me a temp suspension because they were "concerned for my well-being" the way WWE really really cares about the "wellness" of their boys. But unless someone manages to make some dramatic swerve between now and when this is likely going down, I may as well post it on FA because I don't care if I get banned from there at this point and I guess YouTube would be the other mainstay because not a single person in this fandom can do shit about what I post on YouTube.

    To make a long story short, a few people, and I do mean probably about enough to count on one, maybe two hands, are pretty scared right now. They're scared of what I'm going to say about them. Do you know why they're scared? Because they know the reason I'm doing this is because they've burned me and too many others for far too long, while no one said or did anything except go in circles. And speaking on the FA situation was an original topic of choice for us but frankly, anything relevant, or anything that just goes to show what exactly the hell is wrong with our community, and society at large, there's never been a topic off the table for discussion. Because it's not supposed to be a furry podcast, it's just started by one with a handful of other furries who probably won't even become regular co-hosts unless it turns out they really like it and want to keep coming back. Furry things were just to be a start, and a brief one at that.

    Tomorrow, if he's available when I get to the lil' makeshift studio we've set up, Zara will definitely be joining me. I may have another guy, if he's interested because he's sort of on the periphery of things but not a furry, not in the fandom, barely gives a shit about the internet in general but he's doing a huge favor for me in order to help me get this out the gate ASAP so if he wants to say a word or two, he's more than welcome. But if nothing else he's certainly going to be part of the audience. No clue how long it will take because to get this crap out of the way I'm going to devote all the time needed.

    The furry fandom has become akin to TMZ, ED, the Chris-Chan wiki, pretty much every fucking thing I ever hated about the internet. And I was never going to name names until those names went behind my back to people to try to ruin mine, meddle in my affairs, and cross boundaries they don't even realize exist. And that's why this is necessary, I feel. You fuck with the privacy, dignity, and personal space of others, you get yours fucked with back. It's that simple. And if the furry fandom cannot handle itself then I will handle it, my way, from outside. Because the insular, near Hikikomori nature of not only the fandom, but especially these little splinter groups that break off from it like the one I was in before this storm erupted, has made life almost fucking unmanageable for any sane, rational adult who tries to be himself in these parts without the snapping beaks of the baby birds around him begging to be fed all their emotional needs driving them mad.

    The reason all this started was because I rejected a group and the person at the center of it because after some pretty intense personal experiences (they're not "demons" when there's no substance abuse involved apparently) I came to realize they had been the source of a lot of my pain, if not my actual problems, and I was letting them do this to me. This person felt so entitled to my love, friendship and free-therapy sessions that they could not accept when the guy they'd been used to for so long just wasn't there for them anymore. What the fandom needs to wake up and realize is you aren't entitled to jack fuck from anyone. No, not even your friends. And that the word friend, and especially the word love, needs to have its meaning retained or just abolished altogether to be replaced with, I dunno, mutually-beneficial transactional human interactions or something equally retarded and Orwellian. Because these friendships, if you can call them that, are so toxic, so persistent, so widespread that I do believe they constitute a social problem.

    And by the way, people had plenty of chances to stop this if they wanted to that bad. One person in particular spent several hours talking to me alone just to get me on her side and in an effort to bring them to the table. Every one of those people, I waited on, while they said and did absolutely nothing, because I now believe they were waiting on one particular individual (I mean that exactly as how it sounds in Idiocracy) to make a move, and she made the wrong one. As it had always been, it was going to be her way or the highway. She didn't entirely like or agree with what was there when I gave my side of things, and because she's functionally a tinpot dictator surrounded by a sad heap of patsies like 'Neer was to FA, she predictably gave up and ran off to sulk after once again telling anyone who would listen how awful and horrible I am.

    So essentially I have to defend my rep before I can even do the show I wanted to do starting out and you have no idea how pissed that makes me because I was supposed to be the furthest thing from a subject on this show. I was supposed to be a host. Most of you barely understand the difference, reading this, I imagine. But alright, you want a tabloid? You want the big angry Wolf-Bone show? You want to be the center of attention in your own little world? You'll get it. And then we're moving on, without you, and back into the real world that this fandom needs to reacquaint itself with once it gets its ass off the couch and takes the Wiimote out of its hand.

    Think of it as a needle. It'll only hurt for a second, then it's over. And I think it's a much healthier course of action than what amounts to a lethal injection, the kind where the victim writhes and gasps for hours before he dies. That's what I've witnessed in that chat room for several months. That's what I've witnessed FA/F do for its whole existence. That's what I wrote those threads here about over the course of those same months. And you know something? I don't even hold the fandom itself as a "must have" in my life anymore so even this little courtesy call is completely optional on my part.

    I'm not going to bash anyone, throw them under the bus, but I am going to strongly criticize them, and I think in the end everyone will see what I mean, with how they react, if they do react. You'll see that they don't know the difference and that chances are, neither do you.

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    The furry fandom has become akin to TMZ, ED, the Chris-Chan wiki, pretty much every fucking thing I ever hated about the internet.
    then why stay?

    this entire post feels like a kid who got picked last for kickball to be honest. Go do something else, calm down and then make sure that this is really a good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vyxn View Post
    then why stay?

    this entire post feels like a kid who got picked last for kickball to be honest. Go do something else, calm down and then make sure that this is really a good idea.
    It's more like I was once in this garage band, right, and the self-appointed leader was Axel Rose. I turned into a Slash figure of sorts, ironically around the time I picked up guitar because she was this clingy Courtney Love of a bitch with a God complex, yet not a lick of actual talent or leadership skill or anything. So her arrogant attitude is exceptionally annoying and if nothing else she is a minor public nuisance. Part of the problem is I'm like 32 and she's in her 20's, everyone she gets remotely interested in, she "wants to put a ring on it", almost quoting verbatim. And I have a history of attracting these types, it always ruins me some way or another and I think it simply boils down to age differences so I gotta establish myself as a bit of a papawolf here. You're gonna get a verbal smackdown from the guy they used to call Uncle Wooby on FAF back when I was actually a few years younger, ironically.

    Well, actually, I posted a journal on my FA that consists of just a bit of an email exchange that really does sum up a shit load of it. My whole thing is, why the shit does anyone tolerate this kind of existence unless some part of them desires or needs a kind of Panopticon, British boarding school setting, even in the wilderness of the internet. It's always baffled me somewhat. It bemuses at least a few of my friends, we all banter about this on Skype, we decided to try to start some kind of audio project out of that I personally hardly feel cool calling a podcast because it's not even going live yet. But me and Zara for example have been getting roped into other people's podcasts for a few years on and off now and we talked about doing one for a while. What's our excuse not to? Frankly, why should we give a fuck if the likes of you would have us turn the other way any more than we would care if you didn't like our taste in furry porn?

    Really, what are the consequences? You stop just shy of threatening me, which I have half a mind to drop a line to some folks here about in an attempt to stop me from doing something that will, at the absolute most, get me banned from FA, a site which is really just a blip on the map. Which is the whole point, crap loads of people hate that site so why not just shit all over it from within. I probably won't even go that hard at it, I just want to throw a few examples out there. The FAF implosion saw some nice ideas and I think that spirit is probably still alive. Everyone knows FA is a joke and that its idea of itself as the crown jewel of the fandom really is a load of horeshit. People have been trying to drill this point into my head for years.

    Besides, if somehow it did come back on me here, I'd eat it. The fandom is bigger than FA and Weasyl too but Weasyl is not the target of my ire so they would have no reason to interfere. Especially if it's not really posted here. It is you who needs to butt the shit out, eh? Canada is my country. You hold fast to yours... Let that be my "friendly suggestion"... Obey your laws if you want, I'll play fast and loose with my mind. But what I do here is perfectly legal.

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    Sounds like a seditious and hostile environment,regardless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nurseeyeroll View Post
    Sounds like a seditious and hostile environment,regardless.
    I'm not sure if seditious is the word I'd use to describe a staff that tries to protect child predators and whatever you call it when a zoophile acts out his fantasies. Animal rapists? Hostile yes, and stalkerish. What I've come to learn about them makes me miss the days when my biggest beef with that side of the community was that most of them are racists and that they're the type of Liberal that gives people like Beck and Coulter a reason to talk about Liberal Fascism like it's a real movement. Social Justice Warriors. Half the reason I took on this whole Stop The Nukes mentality is because with people like that on the planet we can not afford to have a button capable of launching those things. We're all doomed if someone has a bad breakup in another country if those things have even a fraction of a percent of a chance of being hacked is how I look at it.

    By the way they say at about 100,000 rads, cockroaches survive... Their offspring don't. Cell division, something about tissue being softer at that stage, basically everything is dead if even a handful of those things detonate in the atmosphere.

    I want a drive a stake through their fucking hearts so I can get back to what's important.

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    Just bumping this to make it known I haven't forgotten about anything. Any of it. We actually recorded something, Zara's hanging onto it right now and I figure will eventually hand it back to me so I can upload the first "episode" proper. But the real reason I bumped this, actually 2 of them is, believe it or not, 2 is one of them. He actually is doing commissioned rants now, I guess as of a journal on his FA he posted a month ago. I have no idea where he's at with that, like if he's in the process of doing some since posting that or if he's still waiting for people to bite but it's one of those things I have to tell people about because it seems so unorthodox, outside the box, "crazy enough to work" that I fucking love it if it has even a slim chance of success. So for a "podcast" that, unfortunately, has to start out on way too many sour notes than I would have preferred there's a nice thing to announce to the fandom, one guy out there still gives a shit and has some, maybe, fresh ideas to test that don't involve a new kind of animal dildo.

    Oh, and Red Savage & Milo Time very, very, very soon will have their day. As in, court. Tha Number One Nurse as I've come to think of her as, obviously advised me not to give away too much there. I don't need to, thankfully. The simple, bare-bones facts she gave me based on the deposition tell me this is going to be a fucking squash match. You know, in wrestling, where one guy pretty much makes you wonder why they bothered having a match because it wasn't even a pretend competition? Well there will probably be a lot of pretending in that court room, from the guy who is now very clearly a fucking cunt, which his own actions proved even before the evidence came to light.

    Of course, we don't charge people for being cunts. We just charge them for manslaughter. And I mean just like Oswald Mosley said of his Blackshirts, how we don't attack Jews because they are Jews, well, I don't attack cunts because they are cunts. Just literally every other conceivable reason I can get away with until such time as laws are passed (or perhaps abolished) that make it so, yes, we indeed can attack cunts because they are cunts.



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