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    A random sergsune appears!

    Hello, all!

    I am Sergsune, and I am new to Weasyl! I am happy to be a part of this community, and hope that I can stay here for a while!

    My actual Weasyl profile (and a few others) is under the name ShadowLucario160, but I have changed my name to Sergsune. Anything with ShadowLucario160 on it is still me, though!

    I am a female who games. A lot. I play Pokemon, Skyrim, Minecraft, Legend of Zelda, Okami, and more! I like fantasy RPGs, but am not a big fan of shooters.

    I am also autistic, of the high-functioning variety! And proud of it ^_^

    I don't have a fursona yet, but I have gotten the idea of one! My fursona is a sergal/kitsune hybrid, called a Sergsune. Kitsune are spirits from Japanese mythology who take form as foxes with multiple tails. Each tail represents 1000 years (a kitsune with three tails is 3000 years old)

    Anyway, I have only recently made accounts on the main furry sites (FurAffinity, Furvilla (subscribed), and Weasyl) but have been a furry for a bit before that! I mostly like the art and fursuits.

    I am also an otaku, but a new one. I haven't watched much anime yet...^_^,

    Currently, I am mostly on a petsite called Flight Rising! It is a game to where you raise pixel dragons. It is fun. I am Sergsune on there, so feel free to add me or send a PM!

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    Allow me to greet ya!
    Hello! Welcome to the community. I'm a newbie here myself tho.

    Is there any sort of genre of anime you'd like to watch?
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