This isn't a bug exactly, but something I'd consider a pretty serious usability issue. I've had a few people note me, but they have notes turned off so I'm unable to respond. I'm afraid this is making me look like the jerk since it would appear to them that I'm ignoring their message. In some cases I've shouted back, but sometimes they have shouts disabled too, making it impossible for me to contact them at all.

Does anyone know if this has been addressed at all? (I did search the archived and open tickets, but didn't see anything relating to this issue. So apologies if it's come up before.)

I can think of several possible solutions:

1. Allow the recipient to respond to any note that is sent to them, regardless of the sender's settings. Presumably if someone initiated the contact, they'd want a reply.

2. Don't allow someone to send notes if they have notes turned off.

3. Put up a warning before the note is sent that says the recipient will be unable to respond due to the sender's settings. (This may already happen? But if so, it's being ignored by users.)