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    Hello! everyone!

    Hello! Nice to meet you.
    I'm Ien.

    Glad to see more art sites and I like this site too.
    currently I'm doing 3D modeling , digital arts , traditional , 2D animation and photography....
    well I do all in general and currently going to learn about 3D animation....also some game and movie.
    too many to post so I mainly put the digitals in my gallery right now....I can show what I mentioned above too.
    but currently tries to update often now....maybe give an idea what to draw or do.....

    Hope we can share and critique arts...? together!
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    Welcome to Weasyl, Budro! Err... I mean Sudro/Ien! I see you are big on pokemon and cars. Interesting gallery.

    Hope you stick around the forums. It can take a little bit to get situated, but I've noticed a lot of people make an introduction and disappear. I can critique sometime when I have the chance. Been incredibly busy lately though. All I've had time for is RP posts recently.

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    I see...Thank you
    I'll try to be around here on forum much often as I can.
    I have some project that need to be done.
    so I might inactive for awhile but....I'm still stick with where I have been and try to update my things often.
    and about RP...I could say I'm not really good at it...haha maybe we might found each other on other forum topics.



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