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Thread: Hello helloo

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    Hello helloo

    Oh thank gods!! a FORUM!
    Hi, everyone! My name's Iolite! I also go by Violet. I'm an artist who likes to draw monsters, comics, and make animations! I also draw furries, but I lean towards odd creatures more often. I'm kinda new here! I had an account on weasyl for a bit, but I only just started really uploading and interacting. I find that MUCH easier to do on here than on most other art sites. So +10 points for facilitating communication! Hope to make friends here!

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    Hey there Iolite, welcome to Weasyl.

    I checked out the animation you have uploaded and it's pretty neat! Monsters/creatures are always so fun to experiment with, it's nice to see others who noodle with 'em as well.

    Hope to see ya around!

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    Ah! Thank you! and thanks for the welcome~!



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