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    Hey, there

    I am new to Weasyl, but I am well-acquainted with the furry community. I am 32 years old, face-to-face, and I've counted myself as a furry since I was 14. Several years of personal growth and multiple instances of life being turned on its head later, I still feel most comfortable among the furry community.

    I used to think of myself as more of a writer, but I have become more visual over time. I've been keeping a sketch diary lately, and I hope to start scanning some of my stuff and posting it here, soon. I recently lined up a new job, and a good scanner will be one of my first personal investments.

    As a person, I have really become a kind of guy who likes moody and pensive folk-rock. I am very philosophical, and I like taking in new ideas. I deeply value empathy. In person as well as in roleplay, I am very kinetic, and I can dance even when there is no music, just bouncing to whatever I have playing in my head. I stopped worrying about whether people thought I looked silly or crazy a long time ago: I figure, if everybody knows, then nobody has to find out.

    My character is actually a "feral" a lot of the time, but I shift based on convenience. When I'm doing light roleplay and interaction with others in a chat, I often see myself as looking sort of like my avatar, about three and a half feet in height and a bit like a "Redwall-style" anthro, only I see ferrets as very sweet.

    I've been a local on SoFurry for years, by the way, and I fit in pretty well there. I really have a lot to thank the admins there for because they're really the first admin group that made me feel secure and understood, rather than at odds. Folks on that site seem to think a great deal of Weasyl's community, so I am most enthusiastic to get to meet some of you and to become acquainted with the unique character of this site.
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    It's neat meeting an older furry and congrats on landing a new job. I hope you have a wonderful time here. I've only been here for a year, but I feel really comfortable myself. It's laid back and a little quiet, but I feel like it's a easy place to settle in.

    I hope to see you around! =)

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    Yo yo yo! Welcome to Weasyl !

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    Hello hello and welcome to the weasyl forums :3



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