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    Tonal Whiplash? Also General Critique...

    I don't have much to show off at the moment, and maybe I'm still trying to find a niche, but I'm feeling a little concerned that I'm flip-flopping in tone a bit much, and that it might be alienating viewers.

    Some days I'll be drawing fairly cutesy things like this or more still on the more light-hearted side like this.

    But on other days, I'll render out the apocalyptic arrival of an amalgamation of mad gods wearing a klansman hood with nuclear bombs for legs. Maybe they're vent pieces, since they kind of represent the things that frustrate me in life. But I'm a little concerned that having both kinds of things in the same gallery is gonna seem a little schizophrenic and make me look crazy or, worse, indecisive. Am I worrying too much? Or should I try to buckle down and keep things more consistent?

    Additionally, I was trying to collect opinions on the line art styles of the two lighter-and-softer pictures above on the old FAF and their replacement before they imploded, and didn't have the time to get much input. In the poolside picture, I did my usual style of drawing in progressively darker shades of grey on one layer, then cleaning it up a little before setting the white to alpha and coloring in behind the sketch, which has the advantage of making the lines match the shading of the coloring behind them easily, but the disadvantage of taking more time, and being harder to edit after I set that color-to-alpha. The shark-girl picture, on the other hand, I did in a similar style, but decided to work the lines down to full black, which seems to go a bit faster and makes the picture look much more 'finished,' but... I dunno... Does it make it look too 'plain' or 'average?' I'd really like to work on making dark, 'done' lines to make things look more professional (or at least as close to professional as I can get).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Geez... Don't everyone pile in all at once, now. :V

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    I'll see if I can help out.

    Out of the two styles, I like the rocket one better in terms of shading since I think it looks much cleaner. That said, I wouldn't worry about your style alienating viewers, either can be very appealing and most people don't care if you experiment. I also would suggest the same about the content. You should always draw what you want to draw.

    For general critique, I would suggest studying shadows and lighting as to how they affect shapes more. It will help them not look flat and to look more realistic. If you do decide to go with the cell shading look, I would also say to try to clean up the edges of the shadows/highlights since they look jagged and inconsistent.

    Hope this helps!

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    (I can't say anything on the dark picture because of the darn mature filter)
    I really do like your style, it's very unique and is something I've never seen before. I love the way you draw your characters, they are very expressive and animated.

    The one fault I can critique you on is your backgrounds. The characters look very detached from them because the shading hasn't been properly applied, so they look like they are just floating there. Try making sure the shadows the characters cast onto the background are more defined.
    Also, a little tip, the farther away an object is, the darker it'll be. Use that to give more depth to your backgrounds.

    Great work, keep it up and you'll be an amazing artist!



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