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    "Following" in profiles reads awkwardly

    This term in profile stats is kind of bugging me. Having the numbers before the words means that on your profile you have something like '8 Following' when what it really means is that you are following 8 people. It's the kind of thing that only makes sense when you already know what it means, and although people can still figure it out after reading '8 Followers' and eliminating that possibility, it could read better than it does.

    Re-arranging things so it reads like 'Followers: 8' and 'Following: 8', et cetera, would make it clearer and should work just as well for any of the other stats currently displayed in the profile—and quite likely any that ever will be, I'd think. It could also work without the colon but then stuff like 'Followers 3' would sound disturbingly poetic.

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    10000x this. I have always had this problem with that part. I could never really tell which one was who I am following and who is following me without clicking on them.

    Also a numbered list or pagination on the actual listing pages of each would be great too.



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