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Thread: Homestuck?

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    I dont know if anyone cares about this but I'll just throw it out there.

    For some of you (and Caliborn) it's better known as "homosuck" for its lack of ability to be engaging at the beginning of the story, mayhem and confusion and near-lack of cohesion, and obnoxious fanbase (Guilty, or so I used to be, I try to keep myself in check and not get overexcited about my hobbies so I dont piss off less enthusiastic folks).

    Negatives aside though, I find homestuck to be really engaging once you delve into it.

    For those of you who don't know, homestuck is an (ongoing) webcomic created by Andrew Hussie on April 13, 2009. (You can find it here)It combines script style dialogue between characters andis entirely written in the style as if you, the reader, are engaging the story as a text adventure, each pages title linked to the next by what looks like text commands. The pages itself are not done like a typical comic with panels and speech bubbles but are single to multiple pictures, sometimes or mostly animated. Along with those the story occassionally adds flash animation, music, interactive 'games' all within its content.

    The story itself is about a boy and his friends who decide to play a game, not knowing that this game causes a meteor to end the Earth as they know it, and through the game they escape and go beyond time andspace, meeting other who have also played the game and then are attempting to save their universe in turn. That's the best I can describeit, after that the details get...well...detailed. There's a lot of culture and personality put into the troll culture/planet/universe, the kids and their interactions with one another and their troll/alien guides, the game itself and how the mechanics of it works, and the random highjinks and callback jokes that happen within the comic.

    Now why is something so crazy and annoying so popular? Even if you dont like it, the artist put a significant amount of work into it, releasing pages daily to keep his fanbase busy. During the beginning, Andrew Hussie took a lot of insight in the direction of the story from readers, including the naming of characters (John Egbert was a name not created by the author, and 'Zoosmell Pooplord' was also a name used jokingly in-comic mentioned by readers, but never coming to be). Later in the comic he had since stopped taking reader suggestions as he felt the story could only be fully realized if he took it his own direction, however, he uses reader imput and culture within the comic so that it is still fully relatable to the current reader base (and occassionally takes jabs at his own fanbase in a jocular manner).

    In fact, the comic ended up being popular enough that he was able to fund a kickstarter that well surpassed its goal, leading what once was a singular author to hire a team of other artists and creators to make a game based on his concept.

    I havent been following the comic recently, since its kind of died down a little, but Im always going to respect and enjoy the complexity of it.

    P.S, It has at least 2-3 Canon furry characters

    Thoughts, people?
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    I found it a little bit before it became a big deal. I trailed off after the first chapter, meaning to read more but forgot. Then I ran into it again. Read some more chapters, love it. Andrew Hussie has masterfully drawn a wicked web in which it seems so chaotic and yet all of the strands are connected somehow, if even obscurely. The fact that it is so crazy, light-hearted, and dark all at the same time is pretty cool. The references and nerdiness is a plus too. He's really captured that dreamer, gamer quality in people and within different personalities.

    I'm annoyed by the fanbase actually being so typical of going on about their ships and relationship stuff over the intricacies of the plot and what it entails. It's constantly shifting from small picture to big picture (to even universal picture) and has layers upon layers of cause and effect. Actions having consequences. Lives in the balance and all that. While all at the same time practically being a satire of itself. Making fun of all the tropes involved with being a gamer and living in a world immersed in online chatting.

    I'm not trying to make Hussie's work to be more than it is. It does equate more to being fun, out in left field, and full of crazy fluff. But man, I really appreciate his symbolism and imagery. Hell, even bringing in stuff from another "universe" just to complicate the mix. He's just a really creative bastard with a good sense of humor and his imagination running amok. I like that. I like that a lot.



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