Hey guys :3
I decided I'm Gonna open up for a couple Halloween commissions because I didn't really get to do any Halloween commissions the past couple years.

I will do anything from traditional Halloween costumes (mummy, pirate, vampire, etc.) to cosplay (game, TV, movie characters, etc.) Basically, anything you can think of that isn't normally how your character dresses/looks!
Yeah Costumes!

These commissions will also be dawn as clean. However, I will do a Pin-Up style if so desired(nothing anything over moderate[13+])

They will be in this style (inked, colored)
Simple texture background will be added.(optional)
Detailed painted backgrounds can be added for an addition cost ($25) Example

I will do 2 character pics for this, as long as both characters' costumes "match" or complement each other in some way. Add $10 if you'd like a 2 character picture.

They will cost $30, which is 25% discount from regular price!
If your desired costume is particularly complex, I may add an extra fee, so please be aware of this.

Payment is up front through PayPal or E-Transfer(if you’re Canadian)

Fill this out and comment below to claim a slot.
Character ref(s):
Desired costume(s): (image refs encouraged)
Specific pose?: (artist's choice is fine but you will likely end up with a standing/sitting pinup-style pose)
Anything else?:


Example of past Halloween work(no costumes)

Looking forward to working with you