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    I'm surprised myself. Sunshine was a rad title with a huge amount of content, and fairly challenging too. That stingray level outside of the hotel was nightmarish.
    Quote Originally Posted by XoPachi View Post
    @Battlechili because fuck quoting apparently.

    A lot of people slept on Pandora's Tower. I was so happy when I got this game. This washed the taste out of my mouth of Zelda SS and I just dubbed it the real Zelda on the Wii. lol
    What a great game. I just wish it had an overworld of sorts.
    Yeah, its a shame Pandora's Tower got so little attention. Both Xenoblade and The Last Story fared a lot better out of the Operation Rainfall games, and people really missed out.
    To be honest though, I haven't actually beaten the game yet. I'm stuck on the 3rd tower.
    The future is in the past! Onwards Aoshima!

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    PC: Too many to choose from, but I guess I'll go with World of Warcraft. Even if I don't play it anymore.

    Nintendo 64: Super Smash Bros

    Wii: The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker

    Wii U: Super Smash Bros 4

    Gameboy: Pokemans: Silver/Gold

    GBA: Pokemans: Sapphire/Ruby

    3DS: Pokemans: Omega Sapphire/Alpha Ruby

    XBox: Halo/Halo 2

    PS2: Kuri Kuri Mix

    Classic Arcade Stuffs: Pac-Man
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    I disliked Sunshine just because the majority of the shines involved pretty boring and repetitive chores to go through and some of the design decisions in that game are absolutely baffling, like Yoshi species that drown in water and require specific fruits to hatch.
    Seriously, it's the most tedious-to-complete non-RPG game I've experienced in a Nintendo console.
    Not to mention Mario's wonky jump physics.

    Quote Originally Posted by XoPachi View Post
    Shit even Xenoblade is still a bit of a cult favorite. It didn't sell well at all since it came at the ass end of the Wii's lifespan. Only about 100k. :c
    The main guy in PW, (Aeron?) reminded me a lot of Link. And I like characters like Link. They don't talk, but still express themselves.
    You're mistaking Xenoblade with Pandora's Tower. PT was pretty awesome but didn't sell great. Xenoblade was (IMO) even better and didn't sell bad (a little under 1 million before the Wii U and 3DS ports) considering how niche it was.

    I'd attribute PT's low sales to XSeed somehow generating a game breaking glitch exclusively for the NA version and NoA not giving a shit to market it. It got ported to Wii U's eShop too, and apparently a lot of people are discovering the game now.

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    Mostly speculation since the only official numbers were the japanese ones (around 200~250k if counting the 3DS version), neither NoE or NoA ever made the sales numbers public but it's been said the game sold more in the west. NPD doesn't count sales of retailer exclusives so while NA definitely had better sales (I believe there were two periods in which copies couldn't be found in any gamestop) and NoE couldn't possibly have sold badly.

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    It is funny how different gamers can end up with completely different experiences with a game. Like, I also remember everybody bitching endlessly about how the Landmaster controlled in Star Fox Assault, but I never had any problem with it (another game I think is superior to the much-beloved N64 precursor, even if Fox looks like a gorilla from certain angles).

    Also, I realize I could add Super Smash Bros. 4 as my favorite Wii-U title, since to date it's the only game I've actually played on the Wii-U. Of course, it's also a fantastically fun game, like every other SSB title.

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    My complaint about Assault were the on-foot controls and lack of alternate routes pretty much.

    I actually wanted another game like it. But I guess we're getting Star Fox 64 for the 3rd time instead...

    I'm enjoying my Wii U. I don't play Smash too much though... Too many games to bother.

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    Not really interesting choices but here goes:

    NES: Probably a tie between Metal Gear and Final Fantasy. My dad and I never really beat either. My 5yr old brain couldn't get me past the Marsh Cave in FF, but boy did I love that game, staring at the map and bestiary that came with it, and imagining how cool the rest of the game would've been. In Metal Gear the flashlight is goddamned impossible to find, so I brute-forced the electric floor at the end by using up rations.

    SNES: Final Fantasy 3/6. It was all I wanted as a kid and once I had it I just played it over and over. I had a great thick strategy guide for it full of art, and written almost like a story.

    PS1: At the time Final Fantasy 7 had the biggest impact. I think now it's a tie between Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy Tactics. Apparently I just couldn't get enough of this shit. Last FFs I got into though.

    PS2: Metal Gear Solid 3 or Persona 3/4.

    Gameboy: It's gotta be Pokemon Red/Blue.

    Gameboy Advance: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

    Nintendo DS: Advance Wars Dual Strike or Phoenix Wright

    PC: There have been too many over the years. I think back in high school it was all about crashing jeeps/planes into each other in Battlefield 1942's multiplayer. Nowadays I think there's something really special about Paradox Interactive's strategy games. I'll go with the alternate history mod KaiserReich for Hearts of Iron 2.

    Board: Chess obv.

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    Xbox 360- black ops 2
    Xbox one- dark souls 2 + far cry 4
    Wii- goldeneye (even though Wii was shit)
    DS- pokemon platinum (that was like 5 yrs ago)
    PC- gmod (cause it's like the only game that works &#128517
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    SNES: Secret of mama, I played this game endlessly growing up and it will always hold a special place in my heart
    Playstation: Wild arms, Jade coccoon, Metal Gear Solid, Dinosaur crisis 2, Medevil, Soul reaver, far too many more to name.
    PS2: Spiderman 2... shut up!
    Xbox: Oddworld Strangers wrath. If you haven't played it do it now! Ill wait...
    360: Catherine, in a console where fps is the norm I loved this awesome puzzle game
    Ps3: Folklore was fun, if a bit tedious
    Pc: I wish I could afford one good enough for gaming. I liked the old 3d realms games.

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    SMS - Wonderboy III the dragon's curse
    Genesis - Alien Soldier
    Saturn - Tempest 2000
    NES - Shadow Gate
    SNES - Super Metriod
    GB - Pokemon Gold / Silver
    GBC - Oracle of Seasons / Ages
    GBAdv - Warioware
    DS - The Dark Spire
    3DS - Pokemon X/Y
    New 3DS - none
    N64- Banjo Kazooie
    Gamecube - Metroid Prime
    PS1 - LSD dream simulator
    pS2 - Shadow of the Colossus
    Ps3 - Journey
    Xbox360 - Shadow Complex
    PS4 - none
    Xbox One -none
    Wii U - Splatoon
    PC - Dark Souls 2
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