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    Looking for Roleplay Partners! [ Fantasy/Realistic ]

    I've been looking for some nice Roleplayers for a while now. You should be a bit more experienced in RPing, even though I might consider a newbie if I like their characters. Just leave me a message if you think we could be a good roleplay match.

    General RP rating: Anything from PG to 18+ [Non-sexual]
    Character Species:
    -Human [Little visual Reference, more worked out.][Preferred]
    -Equine [Mostly visual reference, some are not as worked out as the humans.]
    -Feline [Worked out with visual reference]

    Preferred Scenarios: War-ish scenario, [Post] apocalyptic, Dystopian [Open for ideas though!]
    Fandoms we might use: Final Fantasy 7, Supernatural, Harry Potter [Maybe hunger games or lotr?]
    Languages: English, German
    Writing Style: Literate with at least 3 sentences per post.
    Writing Platform: Google Docs, Private Messages [MAYBE Skype]

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    Hi there, please excuse this shabby icon of mine until I can figure out how to change it. I see you're interested in post apocalyptic/dystopian scenarios. How are you for sci-fi settings? I'm a sci-fi artist and roleplayer, you can check out my gallery for my character concepts.

    I'm working on a couple of sci-fi plots centering around a military-centric space age empire of anthromorphic characters (for flavor!). One is more of a sci-fi horror story featuring space marines and scientists vs a xenomorphic virus and another is a fairly standard rebels vs regime plotline. Let me know if you're interested and I can elaborate. I'm planning on making a couple of posts, so I'm trying not to annoy the entire world by reiterating myself over and over.

    Currently a couple of friends and I are working the kinks out over on Skype, so if you have a Skype, that would be easiest to set up, though I am working on finding enough people to start a forum with. Our style is long paragraph style, but shorter one paragraph posts are also acceptable. We do not do sexual scenarios unless it is plot-building (aka almost never, haha) and require sufficient writing technique. Script style is a no-go, even in quickfires.

    Again, let me know if you're interested. Looking forward to hearing back.



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