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    Help me with prices?

    I hope this is the right place to post this.
    Anyway, I'd really like some help with my pixel icon prices.
    Some examples of icons I've made: 1 2 3 4
    (The nabyn accounts are different because I moved to 'Ghoul' recently)
    I have no way of getting actual money so I sell them for dA points, usually 35-50 points, depends on how complicated the character design is. (100 dA points = 1$)
    Should I raise them? Lower them?
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    Honestly? A dollar is an insanely reasonable amount of compensation to ask for, so yea, charge 80 to 100 DA points from here on out.
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    Personally, I'd never charge less than minimum wage per hour at the very least.

    However... (and please don't take this the wrong way): while the last one you linked is already pretty good, I think it may be beneficial to focus on the basics of pixel art for now (color-palettes, animation, form and line-art) by working on personal pieces or collabs, before diving headfirst into commissions.

    Because take it from a fellow pixel-artist who used to sell her icons at 80 points per piece: you'll get burnt out. Quickly. And if there's one surefire way to lose interest in your art, it's that. :c

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    Not here, obv.
    How long does it take?
    How skilled do you consider yourself at?
    How much do you expect to sell monthly?
    At what price are you comfortable with considering your living wage?

    Those 3 points will help you judge.

    So let's say in a month, you spend 300$ and that you can sell about 30 pieces at an hour each.

    You can make do with 12-15$/hr wage.

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    1. What is my Monthly Goal? How much bills/food/rent/etc cost? (i. how much does stuff i need to pay for cost?)
    2. How many of these can i Comfortably* draw per month.
    *Comfortably as in not end up with a sore wrist/hand/arm
    3. Add 20-30%(or more) of that amount for extra/splurge/reserve/emergency/ Funding.

    As an Example
    1. I need $200 per month for food.
    2. I can Comfortably do about 8 flat Chibis per month.

    3. 200 divided by 8 is $25
    20% of $25 is $5
    flat Chibi are $30 (minimum)

    Now, as you can see, with this method, the More you need to
    Support yourself, the Higher the price for the Artwork would be.
    1. I need $500 per month for Food and some Bills
    2. I can Comfortably do about 8 flat Chibis per month

    3. 500 divided by 8 is $62.50
    20% of $62.50 is $12.50
    Flat Chibi are $75 (minimum)

    If you don't have a direct NEED for money for bills, you can always just set yourself a general goal per month instead.
    Don't sell yourself short, and don't burn yourself out is the goal of this pricing guide.



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