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    Something I found confusing

    One of the other issues I ran into when uploading the song was if I'd forget to rate it or anything like that, I'd hit the return button once I got the prompt, and the fields for the file and thumbnail and everything would be blank. So I'd try to re-up them and nothing would happen. I had a hunch they were probably still in there and just not showing so I tried submitting as is and viola, it worked. Now maybe that's because I'm relegated to using some half-assed shit for technology (I know every single piece of tech you buy nowadays is a glorified toy more than a legit, professional quality tool, regardless of the price, oh boy, that is going to be a rant for the ages) because a lot of the other issues I'm running into trying to do literally anything online boils down to that. But if it's a common thing it confuses the hell out of new users.

    The site works great overall, don't get me wrong. It's lightyears ahead of anything FA does or ever has done, and ever will do at this point it seems. But things like that are the kinds of bugs that could ruin the perception and, for better or worse, perception is everything when it comes to sites and social networks. Well, I should say presentation is everything but performance and presentation kinda go hand in hand here.

    So yeah, it's a minor thing but something that might wanna be looked at if it's not already a known issue.

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    That may be something that recently popped up, then. Ive accidentally done the same thing in the past forgetting to fill in a box, but everything is till there when Id go back to edit the info.
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