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Thread: Hello there!

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    Hello there!

    Pleased to meet you all, I'm Norr! I'm 29 years old and I've been making art all my life ^^ Been on Weasyl for a few months now, decided to see what's going on at the forums

    Fun facts:
    - I have a Serious Masters Degree degree in comics. because comics <3
    - I started making props and costume things a few months back. it's fun to learn and do more 3 dimensional work!
    - I play the violin badly. I'm happy that way.

    Feel free to say hi or ask questions!!!

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    WELCOME! and you play the violin? cool. but yeah welcome to the forums and i hope ya have fun here, if ya ever wanna talk just PM me
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    Welcome to Weasyl. Do you make props for theater, film, plays?

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    Thanks for the welcomes!!

    Honestly, when it comes to props, I'd love to end up making things for museums!
    One day I'll be building dinosaurs and it'll be a good day ^^

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    Hello and welcome, Norr! I'd like to get into prop and costume making myself. I think it would be cool to make stuff for movies and/or TV one day. Unfortunately I haven't had much practice due to a lack of money for materials. >>;

    What sorts of props have you made so far?

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    whoops, forgot I had a thread here, hello Umbra! I made a bunch of headpieces, mostly for friends, either for their party needs, or because, well, one my favorite things made ever was a pigeon feather headdress for a friend who loves pigeons. most of the other things are fake animals/animal parts. also sometimes: tiny sets for tiny stop motion films. I'm currently restoring a giant paper eagle, it's teaching me a lot about how to make wings out of paper or other two-dimensional materials.

    Don't let a lack of money deter you I make most of my stuff out of papier mache and other cheap materials. The kind that is wallpaper paste + newspaper strips makes for some rather indestructible stuff



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