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    Balancing College and Art

    I am currently in college, and I do art for fun. Sometimes it seems hard to balance the two, because college can be overwhelming and stressful. Does anyone else struggle with this? I'm thinking about taking an art class at my college so I can be more active with my art but I am not sure if the art class would go towards my degree. Is anyone else going through this? The struggle is real. Lol.

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    What you could do is to dedicate a fixed amount of time for art while using the rest of your day for college. For example spending a quarter, half an hour, or a whole hour every day and do as much art as possible on that given time. Then when your time's finished, you resume your studies. It won't be much time each day, but all those quarters and hours will certainly add up in the long run.

    The reason why it should be a (rather short) fixed time is for you to still have enough time for college, yet still feel you're actively improving your art. Though, I have no idea how long time it takes for you to reach the art class, set up, and get back home afterwards, which could take a lot more time than you'd like. Even more so if the class demands more than what you're willing to spend time on. The alternative in that case would be to just do art from where you live and improve at the best of your ability, which maybe wouldn't give you any degree, but you'll at least get the time for art you're after. Of course all this depends on how much time you think you might have available to spare.

    One way of doing it, which I'm actually doing myself, is to spend one hour before the first class of the day doing art. Granted I'm just doing sketches with a pen and paper, but if you need more stuff than that, then you could just wake up an hour earlier in the morning, do art at home for an hour, then attend your class. If you can think of a different routine which suits you better, then that's great!

    Hope this helps.
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    The problem about taking an art class is that most of the time, the professors have a preference in the art that is done in their class. If i was you i would just carry a sketch book around that way you can practice while waiting for a class or in class. And you shouldn't waste money if the class does nothing for your degree

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    Okay I kinda know this one. Well more at the Unviersity I am never getting what you mean with Collage because you know german schoolsystem is so utterly different.

    Anyway back when I used to study Electrical Engineering I got very few things done. But I have to admit not because of the lack of time (Because I am always strangly good at having allot of time) but rather because of some sort of depression which made it worse since only making art made me happy. Well if you are this kind of artist than you rather should change subject which is more creative, but do alweays something that is allot fun to you because than you have plenty of time because you are so extremly good.

    Anyway if you mean by collage pre university or maybe art is more of an side hobby than a real devotion. Than it is best to start with a small sketch here and a smal sketch there and also give you one eve of the week where you are just doing your stuff. I know it can be hard to be creative at a set time but it is doable. Actually many of the Professional artists to it that way. There are also plenty of videos out there how to be creative at any time. It takes time but take yourself that time. For further information about that topic I can reinkommend videos by Jazza, he takled many of those problems in his videos.

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    I'm on university, working full time and find enough time for art... but my body is definitely going towards the bad end because I don't get enough sleep. It seems almost impossible to keep the perfect balance.

    Though, I noticed an interesting thing: after several weeks, my body got used to sleeping around 4-5 hours a day and now I don't even need an alarm clock to wake up. But it will definitely go into bad situation at some point. >.< Eh, those human's wishes to do too much, to be in time to do everything...

    For some people, as I've heard, it helps scheduling time in their notebook and sticking to the plan. Though not for everyone.



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