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    Went to my first Steampunk fest.

    Been hanging around a steampunk forum for a few months now. Made a persona with a story behind him. Joined in conversations. Got to know a few people. Great bunch. With one obvious culture. Killing. Almost everything seams to center around war, pirates and those who support them. Then thereís the weaponry of choice. Guns. Some swords, but lots of guns. Not really comfortable with the killing culture. But wanted to see it all in person before coming to any conclusion. A friend of mine turned me on to this fest in Hannibal MO. Less than two hours drive. And it was fee! Canít turn free entertainment down.

    The city of Hannibal MO. blocked a large section of old town. Really nice 18th century brick and stone buildings. Plenty of shops, restaurants and bars open and full of people. Lots of people and things to see and do. A horse drawn carriage going up and down the street. A man with one of those big wheel bicycles. Live steampunk themed music. Great atmosphere. Close to forty venders. Lots of places to get food and drinks.

    This outdoor fest was spread out over a large area. Took me four minutes to walk from my car to the main stage. There were venders farther out. From the parking lot on it was one big block party. Two main stages separated by a good five minutes walking time. One stage shared air space with two train tracks and a river boat. Was hard to hear when one of these things went by. But fun anyway. Really added to the experience.

    People everywhere. Quite a few in full regalia. And lots and lots of eye candy for this guy. Like bomb shells being suspended to defy gravity. Some gave shade to more than one pair of feet. The reason i didnít take a lot of pictures. I would have been the Ďdirty old man with a cameraí guy. Lots of victorian style clothing. Very few punk. Putting goggles on a black top hat is kinda like someone wearing ears and a tail. The only real difference is someone wearing ears and a tail isnít going to call it a full fursuit. Different fandom cultures I guess.

    Overall views.
    Only there one day. I had a blast. Talked to folks. Struck up conversations with some of the performers. Seen quite a few free shows and one i had to pay for. All really good. Wish I would have caught more. Very talented people. Bought two anthro/steampunk 8/10 water color prints.


    Itís a shame none of her anthro/steampunk art is listed. Really sweet work. Over all good food. Great company. Very friendly and totally awesome atmosphere. Am I steampunk. No. I really canít get into it. The whole killing culture is a turnoff for me. Will I go back. Yep, you bet. I had to much fun not to. Next time I wonít be wearing a heavy wool suit coat in 95+ full sun weather.

    The only drawback I found. Huge crowd was not planned for.

    A few large parking lots were left open for fest goers. It was very apparent they were not expecting the crowd size they got. I arrived right as the fest was starting. Not many parking spots to choose from. Cars coming in behind me. Hannibal has eight large hotels and two so bad theyíre not listed on google maps. Plus a large number of B&Bs. i made reservations ahead of time. Glad i did. When I got there I was told everything was booked. Including the dumps. The hotel i stayed at wasnít my first choice. That hotel was already booked solid. All that was left in the place I stayed at was smoking rooms. Baggers cant be choosy. Very clean. Very nice hotel.

    The main stage was set up for maybe fifty people. A few hundred would show up to catch the acts. The PA system wasnít large enough for the crowds. The costume contest was set to only be an hour long. It was clear they had well over two hundred participants. I didnít stay. Couldnít see or hear. But plenty of other things to go see and do. I got to see most of the cosplayers before the contest anyway.

    Looks like they were only expecting a few hundred. Iím estimating over 2000 people enjoyed the fest. That was the first day.

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    so got yourself a good taste of steampunk eh? well either way im glad you had fun, hope theres an event like that down here some time. but yeah sadly killing is a huge part of the staempunk fandom but of cource form me at least its more for the victorian clothing, airships, and all the gears you can count.
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    At first I read this as "steampunk test". That got me thinking for a few moments, haha.



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