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    Best Superhero game of all time

    You can only choose one! Available choices are one per franchise

    Personally for me, it would have to be Spiderman 2. Not only was it a great liscensed movie game, but it was a fantastic superhero game. The best web-slinging in any Spiderman game, the ancestor of attack/counter combat, a loy of Spiderman villains to fight, simple upgrading system, and... Bruce Campbell!

    [Did I miss a choice? Let me know!]
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    I never really play super hero games, but I did have Spiderman for the ps1! So glitchy and fun keke. ;D

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    Superman 64 is the BEST GAME. EVER.

    Jokes aside, I think Spiderman 2 for the original xbox was the best.
    Only because I haven't played any super-hero games after that.
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    My favorite is the PSX Spiderman.

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    Spider-Man 2 had a very large New York City and a fairly good adaptation of the story.

    It also had horribly repetitive extra characters and side quests. Seriously, how many times did I encounter the same four NPCs? Ten thousand times? Twenty thousand? Thirty thousand? There were points when the camera was a supervillain all its own, but usually only when in small rooms.

    I never had a PS1, so I never got a chance to play Spider-Man (I think I played a demo on my neighbor's system once, maybe). X-Men Legends was a work of art, really had fun with it (especially power leveling in the Danger Room so I could breeze through everything else).

    I have yet to play Infamous and I'm not done my first playthrough of Ultimate Alliance, but I'd say out of those listed the best in my opinion is a tie between Batman: Arkham City and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
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