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    Quote Originally Posted by XoPachi View Post
    I'm just ready for winter's freezing embrace so I can leave my windows open and not ever have to close them.
    It's weird for me to imagine a place where I could leave my windows open in winter and not die a frosty death

    OT: Autumn is a pretty baller season tho. Leaves changing, liveable temperatures, bountiful harvests, pies, skeletons - plenty of good stuff going on. I think I'd probably prefer it to spring even since it's not so darn wet out.

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    I wholeheartedly agree. The summer heatwaves bring me down and make me feel ill. Or I can get ill for real, from my desperate attempts to cool myself somehow. And this year we had over-abundance of heat, sometimes over 35C in the shade, which is not exactly the norm here. I like to be active, to get much done during every day. But such heat saps energy out of me completely.

    And this awful drought everywhere, rivers half-dried. Luckily now it's significantly cooler already, and starts getting rainy. Contrary to most people around, I like rain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dargo View Post
    Contrary to most people around, I like rain!
    I like rain too! I love it when a thunderstorm happens and the rain is pattering on the roof and the thunder is booming and lighting crashing occasionally. Sadly, there aren't many rainy days around here and thunderstorms are even rarer. :c RainyMood is nice for simulating that sound, but for some reason I never find it as relaxing as real rain hitting the roof.

    I love walking in the rain without an umbrella when it's warm, especially during the summer where I feel like a turkey roasting in the oven.
    -Insert inspirational quote here-

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    I feel like much of the summer was wasted, though not really through any fault of my own because bad jobs and friends dying and depression is the epitome of "shit happens". So I really fucking hate to see its twilight descend upon us just now as I'm starting to be able to enjoy it again. But there's a lot of beauty in that and it's such a brief window of opportunity to capture certain kinds of scenes if you're into photography. It's still warm enough here that I don't need a lot of clothing outdoors, often times even well into the wee hours of the morning I can "hunt" and get my exercise outdoors in little more than these John Cena pants I've been rocking lately.

    It's gonna be a lot harder to do this in fall I imagine, unless I train really hard to toughen my body up against the cold and even that might be futile because I just don't store fat like some folks. So I dunno, I fucking hate bundling up but fall looks awesome and I wanna keep doing the outdoors and filming stuff thing because it makes life a lot more interesting. There's gotta be some solutions for warmer clothes that don't make you feel too bulky or weigh you down. I hate having my movement restricted. Maybe thermal underwear is a good start?

    Fall is Halloween season too, so there's that. I don't know about y'all but I fucking blew it last Halloween, did jack shit and I actually had good ideas too, I just didn't care enough to go through with them. Anyone else like me and kinda wants Halloween to be special and maybe even sacred? We treat Christmas and New Years like garbage IMO, I really lament that. I love the delicious irony in taking the go-to example of joke-holiday and remixing it into a really personal, fulfilling holiday that celebrates life to the fullest and just uses death as a gateway to that kind of freedom.

    Let's face it, Fall is a shit season. You really gotta try to make it not suck, right?

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    "To tell us that every species of thing is endowed with an occult specific quality by which it acts and produces manifest effects, is to tell us nothing; but to derive two or three general principles of motion from phenomena, and afterwards to tell us how the properties and actions of all corporeal things follow from those manifest principles, would be a very great step." -Issac Newton, Optics
    "You are what you do not do." - Relax

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    Okay, to each their own, but this thread is "Yay autumn", not "Autumn is hell and here's why".
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    Whosoever isn't at least fond of Halloween (in the countries that celebrate it) is truly a grade-A fuddy duddy. Or maybe a Christian or other person of faith who isn't keen on celebrating Pagan festivals, I suppose, in which case it's more understandable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank LeRenard View Post
    Whosoever isn't at least fond of Halloween (in the countries that celebrate it) is truly a grade-A fuddy duddy. Or maybe a Christian or other person of faith who isn't keen on celebrating Pagan festivals, I suppose, in which case it's more understandable.
    We don't really celebrate it here in Belgium and I really wish we would. All the spooky things, gimme!
    I just hang pumpkin LED-lights in my room to make it at the very least a little bit Halloween-ish.

    Plus, I'd love an excuse to wear my cosplays outside of the two/three conventions we have here.

    And have I already mentioned pumpkin-all-the-things? And the fact that you can eat comfort-food again without feeling like you're going to melt in the sweltering heat. Seriously. Give me rain, wind and mist over sun and humidity any day of the week.

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    Halloween isn't much of a thing in Australia.
    It exists, as in; people are aware of it. Nobody actually "celebrates" it though, really.

    Maybe some people will do a scary-themed party, I guess.
    But if you go around knocking on doors for candy, or try to talk about halloween stuff... you're probably going to get a "wut" face :v



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