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    Concern about "Collections" feature

    I'm very excited to see the site up again this weekend. I think it was absolutely the right thing to do to put the hosting on pause to get the bugs worked out as soon as possible. Thank you all so much for your hard work.

    In the few hours I was able to tinker with my profile on the site I was struck with a bit of concern when I tried to upload my images. I know that conserving space and proper attribution to artists are very important. But I'm worried that the difficulties added by this system for people like me, who I'll call "commissioners," to mean those who commission a bunch of art and who do very little of their own (or who only write stories), will not be worth these benefits, especially in the beginning.

    Especially right now, you guys are going to have quite a hill to climb to overcome the network effect of competing art sites. This means you want it to be as quick and easy as possible for new users to set up their galleries. Requiring commissioners to contact all of the artists who have done art for them is a pain, and on the flip side, as an artist, having to find and tag all of the commissioners you've done art for is also rather painful.

    Secondly, artwork which is done by artists who have not yet joined, do not plan to join, will be unavailable to post in a user's gallery. Again, this is a problem which makes start-up costs

    Third, and the extent to which this is an actual is still up in the air, since I haven't actually used the collections feature yet, people who spend their money on commissions in order to post them on social art sites hope to get something out of it, recognition, approval, popularity, whatever. To whatever degree collections point viewers towards the artist instead of the commissioner, this will have a dampening effect on (a) getting commissioners to join and (b) (in the future) encouraging commissioners to become more engaged.

    With a working system in place I can see the collections feature running smoothly. But I'm worried about the difficulties given the network effects at play. I didn't donate to this site just because I like the mascot, I seriously want to see it succeed as a social art platform. But the collections requirement may pose a rather serious challenge to this.

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    Ideally, the commissioner and the artist will get the same treatment and recognition from the submission. I guess it would be a joint owned submission I guess.

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    The siteadmin has stated that they will not be enforcing the collections rules. While they would like to see people use them, it's not required. This means that people can post submissions of their characters. They're still working on collections to make them a more viable option.



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