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Thread: 3D sketcheing

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    3D sketcheing

    how can i sketch in 3D? i mean i can manage the muzzle on an anthro but besides that i cant seem to draw in 3D properly.....
    so basicly could yall help me with this?
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    I think he means construction drawing, not shading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagle GodHeart View Post
    how can i sketch in 3D? i mean i can manage the muzzle on an anthro but besides that i cant seem to draw in 3D properly.....
    so basicly could yall help me with this?
    Have you ever learned perspective? If you want to draw things out of your head, you must be able to visualize them in your minds eye in 3d and put those forms on to the paper. Perspective will help you with that.

    Also to be able to shade well you must be able to find the terminator (core of shadow) and be able to make a cast shadow.
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    It's hard to do what you are asking without the fundamentals behind you already. Perspective is more then just making things look 3D. It's a boring topic tho, most people get bored and don't practice it enough. That happens with a lot of artists. Some artists are already working in the field of concept design for example and still have to practice perspective once in a while but at some point you just get it. It comes then natural to you.

    If it doesn't look easy nor natural for you to draw with correct perspective it just means you need to practice some more. Eventually it will be easy. If it's tooooooo much hard work then you just need to grind it. You'll see progress. Those a good links by maugryph, I recommend you get a book by Scott Robertson about drawing objects and environments from your imagination. It shows a lot of ways on how to use perspective etc etc...


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    I disagree that you'll see progress. Most likely you won't, in fact you'll probably often feel like you're getting worse or never had any skill to begin with. That is normal, it happens to probably nearly if not everyone, and it is probably the most difficult thing about learning art (or any skill when you get down to it)

    Anything anyone else will tell you can certainly be good advice but ultimately doesn't matter compared to this: draw every day. As much as you can possibly bear to force yourself to. Draw as many different things as you can, or draw the same thing over and over if you really feel the drive to, but draw every goddamn day.

    Keep with it and one day you'll just be doodling and realize that it's exactly what you intended to draw, line for line, perfectly. And you still won't be satisfied with it, probably.

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    In addition to what XoPachi said, study from life. Wanna draw a wolf? Look at pictures of wolves.



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