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    Quote Originally Posted by Vae View Post
    I just do both.
    Pretty much. I think target platform is infinitely more important than being loyal to a given platform. Just a matter of trying to be as close to the intended experience of a creator.
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    i love consoles for so many different reasons but honestly i prefer a good gameing PC over console any day. i mean shure a console may be have special controllers and all but a PC can use any controller you want (to an extent), not to mention you cant mod a console, plus with PC if its a laptop you can bring it with you. not to mention with roms you can play ANY system's games on PC
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    Both obviously have their advantages.

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    I'm on the fence but I suppose that If I had to choose one or the other I would say PC when I can actually run the game on my laptop (looking at you Advanced Warfare). Consoles are great, don't get me wrong but I feel that as things stand the ability to customize the game is most important to me. Right now I'm tinkering around with resources in EV Nova to update the sound effects and, if I get adventurous, rewrite the story a little bit and while it's slow work for me I'm having a blast knowing that if I see something I think I can improve that I have to power to do so. I also like that for PC I have a physical copy of the game that can be played on any machine for most of the games that I play, the other being the ones through steam. Would my PC experience be better if I had a more capable setup? Yes, however, with college I don't have the budget (or time) to spend on such luxury at the current moment. If you want to put the time and research into your machine, PC is a wonderful way to go. The freedom to do what you wish with the games is amazing, the lifespan of games on PC is much longer than the console titles, and if I want to stream I don't need any additional hardware.

    With that being said, I generally am not that type of person at the moment. I feel that one of the main benefits to console gaming is that everyone in a multiplayer game has the ability to run the game at the same level, connection permitting for online games. I know that I'm getting the same frame rate as the next player because we're running with virtually identical machines even if it might not be as pretty as on PC. I usually play sports games and unfortunately with the recent trend they have only been releasing them on console so the choice there was ripped out of my hands, though with the recent deterioration of the quality of those games I've since stopped playing the newest ones. Plus, there's always something nice about having a group of friends together in the same room playing a game on the same screen, in my opinion.

    In summation, I have to say that I am a more of a PC person but I don't fault people for choosing consoles especially in my case where the games I wanted to play were only available on consoles. So, both PC and console are good options when the conditions are right.
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    When I do play video games, it's on the pc only. Why? Simply put, thanks to services like steam it's vastly more cost effective for me to invest money into a gaming pc than a console.
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