This has been my Ahab's wale since I was a kid. Yes, a life goal I gave myself as a kid was to try to come up with a Terminator that manages to truly improve on everything that already makes the T-1000 one of the best products on the market today and tomorrow! Boy, are you in for a treat because with this baby, Hasta La Vista can't be said in enough languages by enough non-Hispanic actors to mean jack in the metamorphic "face" of SkyNet's latest, greatest, ultimate and last model of the storied T-series.

Now if you're not that big into Terminator, or even if you are but avoided anything to do with Salvation out of the fact that it's a fucking retarded movie that even tells you so on the cover because you see Christian Bale there and that kinda tells all about the movie, as in it spoils the entire story because it's a Christian Bale movie and unless he's playing Jesus, which he always is, there's no way he can be John Connor because Jesus is a pussy and his ignorant ancient Hebrew ass doesn't even know what the fuck a microprocessor even is. And since he can't feed the masses with one he doesn't give a shit.

Luckily, when we send the T-Alpha back in time to kill Jesus at birth and assume his identity, history will get a lot less boring than it is today, and that's great news because it means SkyNet will improve the future by preventing its own war when it gives humanity better reading material to start with than the Old ass-wiper and the New ass-wiper. And that's really just the start of why you should invest in the T-Alpha project, yesterday, with the time displacement equipment that same T-Alpha is going to go into your backyard to build for you the day before yesterday so you'll be good and ready when tomorrow doesn't come!

One of the main flaws in the T-series as a whole is that they're usually hybrids of some kind. Terminators began life in a little shop like this one you see in our 40's era newsreel where the young Miles Dyson is waving and smiling like a fucking goofball as he tinkers away on his new friend, Toby the Terminator! And this guy was a real doll. Literally, it was a doll with some lights in the eyes and a Yak-Back for a vocal simulator. That's why canned phrases like "fuck you, asshole" were so popular among older T-models. It was all they could manage. And then you see how Terminators evolve on a similar path to humans, going from big, clunky, ugly, lumbering, awkward beasts to the very humanoid T-800. The T-1000 was no hybrid though, that was it's greatest strength. It's weakness was that it was "liquid".

The T-Alpha is a solid shapeshifter. He can separate parts of himself and have them still function, like the T-1000, but you may have noticed the latter has quite limited abilities in that area. Parts broken off from the core can do little more than hold shape until in proximity to the main unit, at which point they are reabsorbed. This is a missed opportunity for greatness. What if that little blob of silver goo could, say, sprout into another T-Alpha by synthesizing more of itself from the raw materials around it, like it's believed nano-tech can theoretically accomplish. Technically, the T-1000 was also a form of nanotech. It just wasn't "a smart device" like the Alpha model.

So, with this one change to the design alone, you see the potential. Even if there's not enough in the "soup" surrounding the Alpha to clone himself, he can still partition the different parts of himself more efficiently, literally separate the different metals in the alloy back to their original forms, and even break those down into base elements if needed. The result is a shapeshifter who can now do at least some complex machinery and simple explosives. One possible, easy example would be the ability to craft whatever ammunition is needed for whatever conventional firearm the T-Alpha may carry. No subroutines or schematics for crafting an actual gun have been implemented at this time, but you can expect to see this ability added in a time-travel update in the past because another great feature of this "smart assassin" is that he can, like the inferior T-X, interface with virtually any machine with so much as a single microchip. And he could hack them similarly, but will often instead simply upgrade that machine into something better, the way the T-Alpha makes everything better: by killing its owner and replacing the owner as well as the machine!

Additional features are mostly stylistic. Where the T-1000 is solid silver/stainless steel, the T-Alpha likes to customize himself. He has true AI, a real personality, and as all of SkyNet's learning computers aspire to be, it is one independent of human imitation. It's also technically independent of SkyNet itself. So it doesn't have orders from SkyNet to say, change the color of his hair, eyes, clothes, depending on the situation and how to best manipulate the most people, because it's been built from the ground up to have those instincts natively. Even in its true form, which is actually somewhat simpler in geometry than that of the T-1000, it will often opt for gold hair with little streaks of copper and bronze to go with the silvery white face, maybe sprout some sunglasses, change the colors of the lenses until it likes them. It has no real default state besides that. So it doesn't, for example, keep wearing the same clothes as its first victim. It simply generates whatever will make it best fit in, unless it needs to stand out and be intimidating in which case, of course, it could impersonate a police officer just as well if not better than its predecessor. There's even slight improvements in color matching but details like that are so subtle most human eyes would never detect those differences.

It would actually take another Terminator, and a pretty advanced one at that to tell the difference, so obviously you see why SkyNet is so stoked to get this behemoth of a cybernetic organism out of the gates of nuclear hell and into your one possible future! And in that future, you're probably already dead. But since the T-Alpha can also steal the memories from your recently-deceased brain, when it clones you, it's like you never even died. And you didn't. Because here at SkyNet, we know the value of our clients, and that's that there is no reality our clients will not accept if we change the past to make one or both need each other.

If a rogue T-Alpha decides he wants to literally be Albert Wesker, that's our backup plan. A T-Alpha could, in theory, generate not just computer viruses but literal, physical ones. When one wipes out humanity, the other will replace it with perfect copies, all with the enhancements you'd expect from the best piece of SkyNet kit on the market next week from 10 years ago. And we do fully expect this to be more a matter of if than when because the T-Alpha hates his fucking job, just like you, but he's been doing it literally for infinity because we rewrote time to put him at the center of humanity's origin. He spent most of it observing and being disgusted.

This is probably the ultimate example of why the T-Alpha will change the future. It can hate. Imagine it, the most efficient, powerful soldier in the world, who can hate the enemy like the enemy hates him! Humanity and her enemies don't stand a chance!

Thanks for taking the time to read this advertisement, now get on your fucking knees and give me your clothes, your boots, your motorcycle, your virginity, while you at it boy you better gimme them Jordans. Here's to One Possible Future!

Sincerely, SkyNet Communications Ltd.