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    The little details in video games

    While I love a game that manages to look graphical impressive and plays great on an overall scale, I also love the little details they put in that they didn't even have to put in, in the first place. For example:

    I love FPS's where I can see my characters feet. Makes it feel like I'm not just some floating torso.

    I love when I can see a character set his foot on every single step when he's walking up steps and not just running up them like its a flat ramp

    I love in linear games where the game designers went out of their way to create a whole, detailed area that players probably wouldn't even go into.

    I love when I can see bullet shells on the ground after you're done emptying a whole clip

    I love seeing my footprints in snow, mud, sand.

    I love when you see your character's face show fatigue after a fight

    I love when you can still get shot at while in cover and the character actually ducks their head.

    I love in The Last of Us when you run out of bullets, the enemies will shout "He's empty" and proceed to charge at you.

    I know I've been using the word "love" a lot in this post, but oh my god I fucking love these little details

    I'm probably missing some other things, so what are the little details you love to see in video games?

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    I totally have to agree on the feet hitting every step. I watch for that in every game I play and it is oh so satisfying when they do.

    I also enjoy when small things in the environment actually act like it would in the world and not just some immovable object super glued to the background. Like a magazine that has a cover that can be read or a bottle breaks when shot. Or best yet, messing around in like Metal Gear Solid 2 and getting chastised when I shoot too many birds.

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    I like when there's great casual talk in games. Cases in point, the Arkham games (all four of them, though I'm barely into Knight). You have enemies just having these hilarious monologues or banter between each other, not even stuff that you're supposed to overhear for the plot, just them bullshitting each other. Like how in City random inmates will comment on Riddler leaving all his shit everywhere, asking themselves if he doesn't have anything better to do. Or the two thugs talking about putting on Mr. Freeze's suit in the Museum, wondering if they're smart enough to do it.

    I like how, in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, when you put out this mute druid's campfire, he just looks at you and flips you off. Not a cutscene, just actual gameplay of a totally realistic reaction to such a douchey move.

    I like how, in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you find these E-mails on people's computers. One of them is a crooked cop and when you hack his PC and read one of his messages, it's this drug dealer's response to the cop flipping out at him for not being discreet when contacting him. The part at the top is from the dealer, and just reads "Fuck you man. Fuck you," and then you scroll down to the lower half and read the cop's original outburst. I also like how two other cops in that same hallway are discussing RoboCop and Cyborg, showing that Eidos was aware enough to reference the flicks.

    I like how a simple locker door can kill you in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. I know this for a fact because that happened to me the first time I played. Locker doors are goddamn murder machines.

    I like how, in Fable Anniversary, depending on the conditions by which you attained an achievement, the in-game tracker would display a different version of the achievement picture, and if you met both criteria it would change to show a hybrid image (pretty sure that last part is true, I can't remember).
    Sega does what Nintendon't.

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    I read somewhere that Hideo Kojima made EVERY single table and desk in the first Metal Gear Solid look unique...



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