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    I too started picking up an "erotica isn't very well-liked" vibe while browsing around here. Though the stuff I draw I personally don't feel is very hardcore when compared to a large hunk of erotica and such, but I can respect that it's not everybody's thing. Something I agree wholehearted with is that people really should rate and tag their work accordingly. It also annoys me when you have artists who have one normal account and then one for mature material, but then there's like porn and fetish material mixed in with the ordinary art. Just... what was even the point of having a mature account then? Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to see adult stuff. That's partly the reason why I want to keep that stuff separate from my G-rated material.

    Now I'm wondering if I should just move the mature stuff to someplace like Inkbunny and make my account here solely clean.
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    My views on fetishs have changed a little bit. While babyfurs still aren't exactly my favorite group of people, I can tolerate them if they aren't fetishizing children. Regardless of your kink, I'm gonna slam you for introducing yourself with said kink if you do it on sites that aren't purely NSFW oriented. I still stand by my view that people that fetishize children and diapers are borderline pedophiles. I'm also highly intolerant of zoophiles for reasons that should be obvious. I still find scat really disgusting because there's a reason it's called bodily waste. Watersports, slightly less so because it's a liquid and doesn't stink as bad, but I still think it's gross. That's based on my personal tastes, so I'm not gonna call for those to be illegalized since people who practice it aren't harming anyone (doesn't stop me from finding it gross though). Pedophilia, there's a reason that's illegal and I will stand by that being illegal, again, for obvious reasons.

    My wording was really terrible with my last post. I draw my line in the sand between tolerable and intolerable when people are being hurt. Not as in consensual hurt, I'm referring to pedophilia and things of that nature; things that can scar people for the rest of their lives should it happen to them.
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    I haven't really seen many people complain about that here on Weasyl, probably because I'm new. But if you go to a place such as DeviantART, lol.

    In my opinion, I think it sucks a lot that very detailed SFW art that takes a long time doesn't get the recognition it deserves. While fetish art and NSFW get a blasted amount of attention. When you try to submit SFW art after getting used to making kinky work, you don't get the attention or recognition you want. This annoys me. But it seems like the only way to get an audience. I think this can be why people are discontented with that, a side from being disgusted.

    Tagging is important, and filters are a good idea. That way fetish and NSFW art don't flood regular art.



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