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    Hey how ya doin'?

    8U Hey what's goin' on? I guess this gonna be my intro post for this place so here we go. I be Solojo, and really I'm just gonna be wandering around this place mostly for advice and critique on my art along with trying to find any Tapletop RPs to play in (Pathfinder's an absolute fave of mine and I wouldn't mind trying out Shadowrun). Also I'm not really a furry. I'm more into robots, cartoons, and monsters than I am into anthro characters so I guess that would make me the minority around here. But hey, I'm totally up for mingling with just about anybody so let's talk and junk.

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    Welcome to the forum Solojo, hope you enjoy your stay here.

    I'm not a furry myself, but anthropomorphic art is nice. Sci-fi stuff or robots are also my favorite, and as for monsters, I prefer modern to futuristic killing machines. Your Yaseppochi piece is pretty cool. Even though I'm older and my tastes have changed, I can still appreciate cartoons and the style. So you have my following.

    Just out of curiosity,
    You wouldn't happen to know about an old ass cartoon from Toonami called "Code Lyoko"?
    Your avatar reminds me of it oddly... (probably because of the eyeball/logo)
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    Aw snap another follow! Why thank ya buddeh, glad ya like my stuff. Also holy crap now that I see it I kinda did accidentally make my icon look like Code Lyoko's logo; haven't seen that show in forever. I just like one eyed things really.

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    Welcome to the forums Soloja. I think your icon is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maugryph View Post
    Welcome to the forums Soloja. I think your icon is awesome.
    Aw shit I know you! Yer the guy that draws all dem sweet lookin dragons and monsters and whatnot. 8U Thanks for the welcome.

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    Hello Solojo! Welcome to Weasyl! It's okay if you're not a Furry! Not everyone here is! Some of us like other things too! I enjoy a good tabletop game myself! I've played a Star Wars one before, but never Pathfinder. I suppose I'm still getting into them. Either way, it's good to have another member joining the site! Welcome!



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