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    Quote Originally Posted by redregon View Post
    Wow, just, wow...

    Are you honestly saying that because I had a thought that was already in my mind which was brought to the fore that I'm not allowed to speak it because the fact that it was brought to the fore means I'm violating some rules?

    That's some ass-backwards mental gymnastics to justify the dog-piling.

    If you paid any measure of attention (which I know isn't easy when you've already made up your mind and have chosen to be offended) I didn't say specifics nor did I try to single people out in the OP. YOU people barged in and started putting words in my mouth which is just rude. YOU lot made the inference that I was talking about a SPECIFIC person when I was deliberately trying to speak of GENERALITIES.

    The fact y'all keep trying to drag him into this when last I checked whatever beef he and I may have had was talked through is sad. And that y'all keep saying I need to apologize when I did everything I could to resolve this while YOU all piled on with insults and other disrespectful behaviour is an insult and I will NOT bow down to such hypocrisy.

    Repeat: I will not bow down to hypocrites.

    So... Yeah...

    Wow. Just... Wow.

    You lash out at me for speaking in generalities and accuse me of singling people out... And yet you yourself explicitly dead-name folk.

    And that's just what I found in a few minutes. Is this petty? Sure... But if you're going to come at me like this you best expect I'll play ball.

    So, yes, you are being hypocritical here, friendo. Practice what you f--king preach.
    This entire thread was made about Wolf-Bone, that's what this whole thing is about. If you had kept this in the other thread where it belongs, you probably wouldn't have gotten as much backlash as you have. If you pm a mod asking them to lock this thread, it'll look like you and Wolf worked things out and that you want to leave this behind. To my knowledge, you haven't taken such action so I'm going to believe that you're still baiting.

    Sorry to bust your bubble, but things that are obvious bait don't offend me. That didn't look like generalizations to me, and apparently a lot of others didn't see them as such either. Wolf asked what your problem is, that's when you could have explained that you were making a generalization about the fandom as a whole. You didn't, you let this escalate to the point it has.
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    Locking this thread, it seems to have succumbed to being more about personal attacks than being on-topic.



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