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    And your lashing out AGAIN. Look Wolf_Bone. People are going to try to make things lighter. Truth is people like to enjoy each other's company. Even if it's online. If you constantly lash out people are going to slap back. The next time your angry don't post.

    Try this,

    Make your next post a simple explanation of what you wish to talk about in this thread. Three sentences at the longest. No lashing out. No getting even. No proving yourself.
    You impose a 3 sentence limit on me and then waste more than twice as many pretending to be my dad. The question is, why should I be the one taking you seriously.

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    Forgot to post this yesterday, but:

    This thread needs to get back on topic, I've cleaned up a few of the posts in it so far. If this thread continues to stay off topic and people argue, I'll close the thread and may issue infractions. Please try and stay on topic, and stay civil everyone.

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    Honestly you could lock the thread for all I care at this point. I don't think anyone really wants to explore the whole thought process of how you go about coming up with the story or myth behind something like a concept album, let alone something that might have to go even deeper/longer like the tale of how a "fictional" band came to be. Like thinking to acts like Kiss, ICP, Prozac, or even to something as seemingly retarded as when the Ninja Turtles had a band, yes, those were crucial parts of the music but they were also something separate and, the best ones seem to truly be written as opposed to "we just pulled this out of our ass one day and happened to consistently tell the same story every time" are you serious???

    I'm wondering if it isn't almost like writing a play. You know, I've tried almost everything else. But it might be like with an idea for a graphic novel I had once - great idea, just the concept was something way too big to try to even conceptualize your first time trying to do something like that. With that I eventually realized I could just cut my teeth on shorter, simpler stories that let me practice the basics to building and developing characters that change over time.

    See, lots of people write stories about a band. Not a lot of people try to write a story that becomes something almost real. So as you can see I have a tough time knowing just how to approach this one. But it seems to me to start with writing. Well, that and drawings. Maybe I'll start with those and work from there. Drawing was always where I used to start traditionally, thing is there is nothing traditional here for me.

    I took this on because it's some new shit, really outside my comfort zone but, something I think could make for some really kick ass art if nothing else.



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