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    Pssst. Check the perverted mutant fringe. Us chaps from the 90's still hang out there. Tchk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DalmationCat View Post
    what about the deviantART furries and how the fandom there has turned into a business of "original" closed species and rushed adoptables being sold for hundreds of dollars??? and then if someone objects literally hundreds of people flame them D:

    also for some reason the popular furries there (the ones who "own" the closed species) are seen as gods by most of the community
    This embodies most of my beef with the furry community; that most of them act like brainwashed sheep. Because someone popular made a species, it's automatically good and any criticisms are thrown right out the window because they lack the capability to think for themselves instead of following their shepard(s). DeviantART and FA's communities are the most common offenders of that complaint.

    The popular furries being worshiped like cult leaders is also because their worshipers lack critical thinking; it's the entire reason why Dragoneer still owns a business and why the furry fandom is a haven for scammers, zoophiles, pedophiles, etc. If the mindless members of the furry fandom could use critical thinking, most of the scamming and bullshit that flourishes would become isolated incidents. People know that most of the furry fandom is populated by idiots, and they're taking full advantage of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by axelthefox View Post
    Is furry a fetish or a fandom? Because i have noticed in many interviews with furries nowadays in local newspapers,they say it is not a fetish,but a fandom.
    Furry itself is a fandom, but there are circles of fetishists, some making themselves more known than others.
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