Hey! My significant other currently in a 2 bed/1 Bath apartment. We are looking to move out of here and into a 3Bed 2-3 Bath house, however we would like to get maybe 2 roommates to join us. We arent really too sure about where to look, though roommates that are furries would be awesome, considering we generally put up fur stuff all over the place. I know a lot of non furs wouldnt agree with living in a home like that.

Here is our current post we are sending around, but if you guys know any good places to post this, any ideas would be awesome~ Thank you!

"Need A Place To Stay? We Are Looking For Roommates!

///Who are we?///

I'm batman... nah...

DJ (my mate) is currently in the military while I am a commission artist and we are both car and music people. Car parts will be bought/collected as we are also in the process of building a racecar. :3 We enjoy playing music through the house whenever, but we are respectful of other's sleeping schedules. We don't usually wake up until around 12pm - 4pm central time, and we normally go to sleep anywhere between 2am and 6am. We tend to be active furs as in just being silly around the house, cracking jokes and just having a good time~

///We are looking for...///

Currently we are looking at possibly moving into a smaller apt. for just ourselves, but if enough people show interest in rooming with us (2 or 3 perhaps) and we found them to meet our criteria, then we will get a pretty sizable house (3/4BD 2/3BA). Due to my job, we are NOT looking to move out of town. We are located in North Central Texas (4 hours west of Dallas). You are not required to attend college or schooling, but you are required to have a reliable source of income. We'll also consider those who work off commissions and try to work with you to come to an agreement. We are looking for anyone within the age of 18 - 26 to fill that slot~

///How much would it cost to live there...///

At two extra roommates, the estimated rent would be roughly $400-$600 a month depending on the size of the house, and consumption of electricity. :3

///What if things go wrong? D:///

The only reason things would go wrong, is if you prove to be an unfit roommate. The only way to be an unfit roommate is if you do not hold up your end of the contract. (Rent due by a certain date, clean up after yourself, good hygiene, etc~ ) The personality comparability would be worked out beforehand, so that should not be an issue in the least bit. If for some reason we wanted you to leave the premises, we would give you a 30-60 day notice. We want you to have a safe place to go if anything like that were to happen.

///Whats in it for you?///

We want you to be as comfortable as possible :3 You will have a bedroom of your own. Internet access. Anything that is out for entertainment in the livingroom may be used. You will have kitchen access. Food should be labelled if you would like something specific, otherwise everything else is free game. I may usually make dinner for everyone, however if you wanted to make something for yourself, feel free to! Basically, if you need anything that you can not provide yourself, feel free to ask us. I (Darachi) am sort of a motherly type and would like to make sure everyone is comfortable and has everything that need.

Contact Info~

Damien Skype - KidaGuarinot
DJ Pandako Skype - djpandeko
Phone would be given after we've chatted on skype~"