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    I think everyone here's confused. You're allowed to post dolls.
    They're emphasizing the wrong part of the rules.
    ^- community guidelines.

    Let's go through them.
    1. Original Content Submissions: If you are a creator of a particular work, whether you created it individually or in collaboration with others, you automatically hold the rights to its distribution. Content of this type belongs in your submissions gallery.
    A doll is a collab. One artist made the base, and you made the rest of it. You can upload it.

    3. Tracing and Plagiarism: You may incorporate the work of others into new works; however, the use of borrowed content must either abide by fair use or you must obtain permission from the copyright holder. The submission will be removed if it meets neither of these requirements. If it does meet these requirements, you must still cite the content’s source in the submission description.
    I think bases fall under fair use since you're modifying them, but even if they don't, if an artist uploads free to use doll bases, they are giving everyone permission to use those bases to make dolls. Therefore, you can upload your (edited/completed) doll. So, under this rule, as long as you credit the artist of the base, you can upload your doll.

    4. Proper Citation: If you are uploading a submission that was made for you by another person, you must cite the name of the original creator in the submission’s description. If the creator was an anonymous contributor, please state so in the description.
    You already stated you'd credit the base maker-- you can upload your doll.

    Now we're going to jump down all the way to C. Prohibited upload material.
    3. Stolen Work: Whether the work is traced, incorporates others' work, or outright plagiarizes, stealing others' work and either making it a part of your own submission without their permission or claiming it as your own is strictly forbidden. If another person has contributed to the submission in any way, they should receive credit for their participation.
    This is the one everyone seems to be quoting. But if you'll notice, it says contributing artists should receive credit. You gave credit to the base creator, so you can upload your doll.

    7. Character Generator Submissions: Submissions created using an online character generator tool for most of or all of the submission’s content are forbidden.
    This doesn't apply to dolls you create yourself either. Only generators. So you can post your dolls.

    II. Category specific rules.
    A. Visual Art
    2. Using pre-existing images and sprites for the purposes of a comic is allowed only with the use of stock images or with permission from the image creator.
    Creating a doll from a base doesn't really fit into this but this is a good example of how "If this is allowed, dolls probably are too."
    4. Submissions that have been heavily referenced or contain material that does not belong to the submission's author (e.g free-to-use items such as stock images, or material for which permission has been granted for use) are permitted so long as the original sources are cited. However, stock images by themselves, with little or no original content, are not permitted.
    This states quite explicitly that dolls are allowed to be uploaded as long as the base creator is credited.

    For an admin or mod to state flatly that dolls are not allowed to be uploaded, they would need to restructure the community guidelines significantly. You did structure your opening post a bit weird. It seemed to me you were talking about uploading the bases themselves. But since you've clarified since then what you actually meant, and I have worked with dolls before so I get what you're talking about, I can say that the rules are 100% behind you and you are free to upload them.

    I know I'm not a mod but hopefully this is evidence enough in your favor.

    EDIT: An example of a doll upload.
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    Fiz already gave a pretty good answer I think, but just to reiterate:


    1) you add a substantial degree of original work to the "base" to make the "doll", AND

    2) the creator of the "base" has given permission for it to be used in derivative works, and you credit and cite them properly, AND

    3) the creator of the "base" did not himself trace or plagiarize its content (be sure of this, or your "doll" can get taken down later by a claim from the true original artist),

    THEN you may submit it to Weasyl.
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