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Thread: Art streams

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    Art streams

    Just wondering what kind of art stream you would enjoy watching?
    What kind of music do you prefer? Suitable for the art or something everyone can listen?
    Or do you like to listen people speak about random stuff? and do you prefer streams with webcam?
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    Personally I don't give a flying flip about a webcam. Often it gets in the way of the art, which is the entire reason people are there. There's at least one artist who I love but I just can't watch their stream because of all the flashy animated crap all over the place distracting from the art.

    Having a mic is good, because you can read chat and say your response without taking your hands away from your art.

    As far as music, as long as it's not screechy noise that drowns you out I'll be fine with it. Heck I even put up with country with another artist I watch XD

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    What I like when Viewing ARt Sreams?

    fav stream site: Picarto
    There's no log in required to view/chat
    names can be colored to not confuse others.

    Most any Music is fine to play as long as it isn't
    A whole load of noisy screaming 24/7 or really bad/load/highpitched 8bit/electronic
    If it's not music to my taste, i just turn the Stream's Volume down and play my own.

    I'm not a fan of Artists using the Mic. It either conflicts with the music or
    the artist is playing music I don't like while also using mic so I would have
    to turn the Volume on and listen to the music if I wanted to hear you.

    I go to streams to either Chat with others in stream, learn, or listen to music.

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    I'm not really able to get into livestreams because of the terrible connection I get where Iive, even if I stream the feed using console. However, workflow videos I find pretty fun to watch. It might be good to allow the finished stream to be downloadable for those on bad internet or missed it.

    Music choice isn't really something to be concerned about, listening to what you want or helps motivate you is fine. People that hate it would usually mute it - or if you wanna engage or stuck. Take requests if you use spotify or youtube for music. As for conversation, its also up to you. Some are silent as anything. Or hold skype calls with a friend or just talk about general politics or whats on your mind. Things you notice about the fandom. Whatever feels good - but don't worry if you have nothing to talk about.

    Finally, don't use facecams. It's a waste of time.



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