Like the Title says, I'm searching for a High Tail Hall starring a human OC, Free Request Story, Any takers?

the setting is like this:

You, A Human Male were invited to High Tail Hall, A Beautiful, but mysterious Island by a Pen Pal of yours.
But upon arrival, you notice something is very wrong... "Where are the Other Guys?" you ask.
once inside the Building, he then noticed some else... "Why are the girls In Fursuits? is there a FurCon Nearby?"
but after talking to A Rabbit Girl who's looking at him very funny, he then understands a tiny bit...

"...Thats not a FurSuit..."

He then feels a tap on his shoulder...

"We finally Meet, You Look a lot More Handsome in person!" says a Very Familiar Voice.


...So? What do ya think?
is it Plausible? a mass Harem of Sorts where a Human Male getting it on with the Cast of HTH
with Oc's of your Own added of Course! heres the Bio for my OC:

Chase Anderson
Age: 27
Occupation: Collage Student, Artist and Writer.

he looks like a Run of the mill guy. but hes a good judge of character!
sure he works hard, and aims hard too but lately he notices his Loneliness
has taken a toll on him, so he met Rio Davis, a Model(He was really shocked Bout that!)
in the forums that he seldom writes stories too! two hit it off somehow though,
though theres still some awkwardness sometimes, like When Rio Asks him if he Ever had sex with Both Guys or Gals!
(Though he's never dated or had sex yet, he soon founds out that hes a Bisexual, but he tends to stick to girls side more!)he understands Rio's sexual preferences and stuff, making their bonds as friends bloom.