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    I'd suggest practicing action poses(like walking, running, waving, etc) and perspective before you get started if you haven't done a lot of it since there's a pretty good chance you might run into an action scene or want to spice things up with perspective(two things that will look like a hot mess if they're done wrong, I know from experience).
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    A couple of people have posted "do X before starting a comic", but I'm going to repeat myself. Start your comic now. Waiting until you're "ready" is a trap. Your first comic is not going to be your best comic, and that's ok. The practice and experience you'll get through making that comic will help you to make your next comic better. You'll also be practicing other aspects of comic-making that you don't get when focusing on one aspect of drawing.

    Yes, draw more. Yes, practice action poses. You should always do that. Just don't put off working on comics until you're "ready" or you'll never be ready.

    But again, set reasonable goals. Self-contained strips. Short stories that are only 1-5 pages. Comics you know you can finish. You'll find with each finished comic you get under your belt, the easier it gets to start another.



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