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    Quote Originally Posted by Acclivius View Post
    Oh goodness I love animatronics! Since I was a kid I've always had my eye on robots, animatronic or not. I even have a few robotic pets myself, like my Pleo RB, Loki. I suppose my Furbies count too. But I've always dreamed of maybe purchasing a real animatronic, maybe a scrapped one from Chuck E. Cheese or something. I'd really love to learn about them as well, how to program them, fix them, etc along with other robotics. (Then I could fix Loki's speaker problem.)
    Same here! I collect furbies, since they're the closest I can get to animatronics. Do you have Skype?

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    I do have skype but I don't use it. It tends to slow down my computer by quite a bit. I'm more of a Steam user really. Even if I can't vid or voice chat there, I can still chat.

    And that's awesome! Which Furbies do you have?



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