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Thread: Hi I guess. EH!

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    Hi I guess. EH!

    I'm not good with introductions at all. But it turns out this is mandatory so...

    Hi. I'm not exactly new. I've had a gallery on weasyl for a while but never took the time to create a forum account.

    I'll probably not post much. I'm more of the kind of artist who just posts his content, checks feedback and then logs out.
    I got galleries in multiple websites. Expanding is never a bad idea even if my content doesn't get half the attention it gets on certain two other communities.

    I draw muscle, furry, bulgy, fanart. Usually of otherwise cute-ish characters. If you're into that kind of thing, good! If not... good!

    I plan to start taking comissions in the future. Lately I selected 8 requests from users to fulfill as practice.

    Despite the theme of my gallery being "muscle" I care a whole lot for the combination of face and body.
    I'm working my way not to get stuck with the infamous same-face syndrome while at the same time not changing a copyrighted character's face so much it looks indistinguishable or cheap, and not so less it looks like his face got photoshopped into a muscular body. >_>
    How far or close am I from achieving that, I'm not sure. All feedback towards helping me with that is appreciated.

    I'm kinda unsure where I want my content to stand when it comes to slightly sensible stuff that, until a short while ago, apparently really grinds some gears for some such as well, uh... nipples, navels and especially bulge shapes.
    Eh, hard to decide between broader audience and having fun while drawing.

    Nice to meet you? I think.
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    hiii. i <3 your artwork. because i heart it so hard. need to commission you to do one for me sometime... when i has $$.

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    Hey there Dischimera, welcome to the forums!



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