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    Yep, I'm from DA too

    Hello everyone!

    So, I just moved here from DeviantArt (wow, so many of us already here). I'm a huge anime/manga otaku & I'm a hardcore gamer as well.

    I'm a varied artist: drawing (traditional & Digital), photography, pixel art, 3d model making/editing, & writing. I also enjoy a good roleplay.

    Um...yeah...I guess that's about it....

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    Welcome to the DA Refugee Center, AKA Weasyl. Here are your Welcome Cookies and Milk and a complimentary "Help me not get lost!" Map. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions to anyone wearing a pair of Weasyl ears, as they have been assigned to aid you. Have a nice day. ^_^

    Joking aside, welcome! That's a lot of different types of art you do there! Impressive! Well, I do hope you have a pleasant stay here. =)
    No matter what happens, I will have always produced more visible work on my solo project than Ken Penders has on his in the last five years.

    I write and draw a manga. It's like a backwards comic. Give it shot, bro.

    "You can't just slap "& Knuckles" onto everything." & Knuckles

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    Soon enough all of deviantArt is going to be moving here! I don't blame em either! XD

    Anyhow, welcome to Weasyl! It's wonderful to see yet another refugee like myself!

    Goodness you do a lot of artwork! You must have a lot of talent! Can't wait to see some of it! I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here! ^_^



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