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    Dumb noob question

    Yeah I feel really stupid for asking, but is there a way to add more than one image to the characters profile?

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    Hello Uluri here.
    There is not a way to Add multiple photos to a character profile image.
    The Character's Profile is basically meant mainly for the best reference image
    or Reference sheet you have of your character that you have. ^_^"
    However, if you are looking to have a listing of multiple images of your character
    there are two ways you can go about it.

    1. Have a folder just for your character and link the Character's Folder in the description of your Character's Profile.
    2. Individually link all artwork of your character in a list on the description of your Character's profile.

    Here is Weasyl's code markdown list:
    Just in case you need help with code, too.

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    Thank you for clearing that up and providing tips, I greatly appreciate it ^_^



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