Okay, so I need a little help looking for good sources and examples of clothing. I'm doing a fashion history illustration series but much of the time whenever I venture into non-western clothing I quickly hit roadblocks (except for Japan, unsurprisingly). Right now, I'm looking specifically for time period examples of the Korean clothing from the Goreyo/Koryo Dynasty and earlier parts of the Joseon/Choseon Dynasty.

And please try to keep it pre-18th century. It's easy to for me to research the 18th century and onwards due to it's popularity in the public imagination, the fact that it's the direct influence for contemporary hanbok, the amount of surviving easy-to-find resources like photographs (well 19th century onwards), illustrations, surviving examples, etc.

It's very difficult to find sources on these earlier time periods though. I've been scouring the interwebs and books but I could not come up with reliable resources. TV dramas obviously don't count and I may have come across a few things that are modern recreations but I cannot judge their reliability with much confidence if the site's in Korean (like what if it's just a really obscure drama or some costume/specialty clothing place like how China has that modern hanfu movement).

But y'know, tomb paintings, reliable written accounts, clothes stolen from a dead guy...
If you could send me something that would be hella rad!