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    I'll avoid the school's name, but it was quite a letdown, but I worked hard to actually learn a few things. They were changing up their program when I started, and it was completely rushed and they had to rehire a fired instructor to teach us Zbrush (which we all did poorly in - one class all he did was watch some star wars review on youtube).

    It was more directed towards generalists, and my department head was clueless about modelling it seemed. He'd make us do anything he suggested, and it's kill my drive and motivation to model something. He also entered us into a film festival when our animated short was nowhere near completion, resulting in a rushed environment built by me (with some assets handed to me that made me quite unimpressed, but I can't complain, was mostly animators in our group) and our storytelling wasn't the greatest.

    I plan to work hard to improve my skills as a modeller and work on building a mech as my next project. I was working on ice caverns, but unfortunately I lost it all the other day when my saves all got fucked up when I was moving files around. Not sure what happened, but that was a good 30 hours down the drain. @_@

    I peruse forums such as polycount for tips and try my best to improve and learn new techniques - I'm in the process of making some concepts for a mech to model, though I'm a horrid artist for drawing. :p

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    Ah, I see. I have suffered through similar experiences so I know where you are coming from.

    Well, Taw, since we both focus on 3D work we can help each other out. If you ever need crit or techniques I'd be glad to lend a hand. Then if you'd like to help I could always use more eyes on my character modeling.

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    I'm a recent grad. I had some freelance right out the gate but not much since, which is kind of annoying. I'm trained to do visual development stuff and similar things, but I have a rough grasp on 3d stuff as well, mostly modeling and texturing, but most of my experience was back when Maya 6 was out, heh. Debating whether I should brush up on it.

    Planning on going to CTN, and hoping to do their recruiting & portfolio reviews. Hoping to get a real job (not freelance) there or before. It'd be nice, at least. Though if anyone hears of any illustration-y jobs in the LA area they should totally let me know.



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