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Thread: MiniArt (WIPs)

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    MiniArt (WIPs)

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    Wow, these are all great so far! I think my favorite is the dragon though- Those wings are cool!
    That's nice that you draw stuff for your parents, too. I don't really share my art with mine, I'm a bit embarrassed to do so... I keep thinking that they're expecting something beautiful and serious, when really, I tend to draw goofy derps and animal-people. :V

    Anyways, I look forward to seeing more of your art! Looking pretty good so far. :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umbra_Exe View Post
    Wow, these are all great so far! I think my favorite is the dragon though-....
    Thank you Been working on the dragon for a month by now, I keep procrastinating on doing the dragons lineart *izfailure* haha

    I'd think (or at least hope, my friend has a mother who hated her art because she didn't do realism) that your parents would love your art no matter (unless you draw stick figures, but probably love it even then). I use my parents as moral support... and as critics XD (of course, when I show them the sketch to critique on they just go, that looks like a bunch of scribbles, show me when you are done. And when I have it all flattened then they give me their opinion and expect me to fix it)

    Thanks again

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    Campground Sketches



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